Eden full German edition now available

Taban Miniatures have released German versions of their Eden starter sets.

From their announcement:

We have finally decided to fully release our Skirmishes game in German.

The 4 starter boxes material is now printed and available, as well as the re-enforcement character’s cards of waves 2 to 4.
The translation has been handed to professional native speakers, and thoughtfully tested 😉

Waves 5 to 9 are being translated at the moment and will be printed in November and December. Of course, all these datas will remain available for free download at www.taban-miniatures.com

Contact our partners at ESSEN Spiel 2010 for additional informations and German packed products .
– Imps shop : Halle 6, booth #533
– Table Top Insider : Halle 6, booth #507