EDEN Convoy faction available

Taban Miniatures have released the starter set for the Convoy faction for their EDEN post-apocalyptic skirmish game.

Convoy starter set
Convoy starter set

From their announcement:

The new faction for the post apocalyptic game EDEN is now available . The Convoy is a group of post-apo survivors escorting huge water tanks in the wasteland. Their tribe grown in the former German territory and split up into 8 smaller columns, each one led by some “Conveyors”

Many convoy members have a speciality, among them you will find “trackers” and “guardians”. This armies gameplay will change depending on the proportion of specialities you have within your war band….granting such or such advantages to the player

The miniature design was inspired by the standards of the post-apocalyptic movies, comics and books… a great way to discover our universe and gaming system.

Note that the first 250 starter boxes are packed as a limited edition with an additional Xmas character inside.