Eclipse Sisterhood For Freeblades Up On Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Feb 15th, 2017

The folks over at DGS Games are looking to expand their Freeblades range with a new set of figures, the Eclipse Sisterhood. The dangerous ladies are fighting for equality in the Traazorite Empire, where women cannot hold office, run a business, or serve in the military. Well, they’re going to show that one doesn’t need to be part of the official army in order to fight.

From the campaign:

Welcome to DGS Games’ Kickstarter Project featuring the ECLIPSE SISTERHOOD from the Freeblades fantasy skirmish miniatures game.

This project’s main objective is to fund the creation and production of the new Eclipse faction models for use in our tabletop skirmish game, Freeblades. These models will expand your play experience in both existing and soon to be released scenarios. Your backing will take this new faction from concept art, to masterful sculptures and then into production to be delivered to customers like you.

The members of the Eclipse Sisterhood are in rebellion against the patriarchal Traazorite Empire. Women cannot hold political office, run a business or serve in the military. The time has come for that to change! Across the Empire a clandestine rebellion has formed of women who oppose the Empire of the Sun’s treatment of them. Naturally, they have taken the Eclipse as their symbol and inspiration!

The Kickstarter campaign’s just over half-funded with still 29 days left to go.


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  • rebelling against the patriarchy… seriously?

    • Davos Seaworth

      You seem pretty upset & offended over something so small & insignificant as a minis Kickstarter. You don’t have to buy it, or lose any sleep over it, let alone be five paragraphs worth of offended over it.

      • Hey Davos,

        Don’t belittle my comments and opinions on this news update by telling me not to buy it or poke at how much I write. I’m a verbose man because I read too much and enjoy words. I may even consider myself a logophile.

        You say something like a mini’s kickstarter is insignificant. Who are you to judge what’s significant to me and what’s to stop actual comments being made about news articles on a website that specialize in sharing news about the ‘insignificant’ hobby we all partake in? Can I not care about something that I invest serious time in? Am I not allowed to stimulate conversation by *gasp* posting below the article where it allows one to do so?

        I was playing freeblades back in 2013 and the company is from the town I grew up in outside Kansas City. You seem to be offended at my comment, you could have just closed the browser or moved to the next item in the list instead of responding, let alone responding with a thirty eight word comment. Trust me I’m not losing sleep over anything but that’s kind of you to worry about my energy levels and sleep patterns.

        I can state my thoughts and feelings about the news here just as much as anyone else. I’d love and appreciate any and all feedback on the points I made in my comment. But your feedback was basically saying ‘Hey, shut up’, I don’t appreciate that kind of silencing when I didn’t offend anybody and made very valid points that ARE worth discussing or at the very least acknowledging.

        If you’re not familiar with my blog please do check it out ( and/or let me know if you have any cool rules to recommend. I’m a little addicted to wrapping my mind around complex systems like new games and such. So I’ve been spending more time reviewing rules and painting than actually playing I blame my career in IT for that issue.

        I’ve got a podcast going too and I’ll be touching on this article and any and all comments and feedback I get on it this Friday when I record episode three. I’d love to have you on to discuss this and other news bits and pieces as well as the games that you’ve loved and played throughout your time in the hobby. Please do let me know if you’d be interested in that.

        Cheers brother,
        Keep on gaming


      It’s a game. It’s no different than when Law & Order would do an episode based on something popular like Facebook.

      When I first saw this screed, I thought the article said that you, a real person, could “fight the patriarchy” by purchasing miniatures. Yes, that would deserve ridicule, and it’s far too common for companies to try to profit from social issues by connecting a product to a cause.

      But this? This is good clean fun. Why can’t my army be a bunch of feminists out to kick all the men’s butts? And sure, sign me up for the army of fat people next, and the MRAs after that. Women have too much of an advantage in Traazorite Empire family courts!

      • Fair enough. You make good points senior Pray for Mojo. I don’t think it would be kosher if a faction of MRA miniatures had characters named Womanslayer and Womanhunter. But I’m not trying to argue with you I see your perspective and it’s a valid one. 🙂

        • DB

          I’m getting a little kick, as I’ve been doing a bit of self-study in the classics.

          All-female anti-male warrior-women have been around since at least the ancient Greeks. I don’t think it is necessarily current-events-related. It is a long running fear, easily played upon.

          It sounds it still resonates. 😉

          Historically speaking, male characters weren’t called Womanslayer, Womanhunter or the like, it was an unspoken part of being a warrior. If the Greeks go after Troy and raze it to the ground, the men are put to the sword, the women enslaved, and that’s siege warfare in antiquity. It’s just The Thing They Do.

          Then you take the Amazons, who are a near-total inversion of Greek society–matriarchal, raiding Greek cities for men for breeding purposes, pillaging, then disappearing. For a patriarchal society, it’s a scary concept.

          You’ll find similar female-oriented groups in other games as well. White Wolf’s Black Furies from the 90s, for a start.

          • Again I extend my offer that Davos ignored previously. Please do join me in recording the next episode of my podcast to discuss this and your thoughts on gender and equality as I’d love to speak with you more about it and your adventures through this lovely hobby.

          • And you’ll send me the link when the episode goes live so I can add it to the Roundup on Tuesday, yes?
            [email protected]

          • Oh, of course, I’ll do that for sure!

          • DB

            Regrettably, my current adventures in the hobby extend only through solitaire gaming and the occasional foray into Candyland and other 4-year-old friendly activities. ;.;

          • It’s not your current adventures that matter it’s the fact that you are aware of this hobby at all and that you must have played something to get this far or to care to come to tabletopgaming news and you’ve insight into historical genders and opinions on todays’ all of that is sure to lead to good conversation. The offer still stands.