Eastern Front Studios post preview

Eastern Front Studios have posted a preview of a new miniature called Ettis.


From their announcement:

Ettis is the product of a conjuring gone horribly wrong. As a young wizard, Ettis attempted to conjure a demon of the outer world to be his slave. No one is quite sure what went wrong, but the results are clear. Ettis was partially absorbed by the demon, or partially absorbed it, and was twisted and warped into a being of chaos. Now, he wanders the wastes of the outlands preying on unwary travelers and small farm animals.

See him in all his glory on YouTube.

This multi part resin model, which steps onto your table at a lofty 4”, will be available some time in the first quarter of 2011. Check Eastern Front Studio’s site often for release dates and prices. While you are there, check out their current line of miniatures which can be used for a variety of fantasy wargames and RPG’s.