Eastern Front Studios open for business

Miniature manufacturer Eastern Front Studios is once again open for business.


From their announcement:

Eastern Front Studios is Up and Running. Check out one of the newest and most dynamic fantasy product lines to come along this year.

We are a group of miniature enthusiasts, we like them so much that we started our own miniatures company. We feel that most miniature companies make so many figures of the same subjects that they all seem to all look alike. Our approach is to produce minis of unusual subjects or of common subjects done in unusual way. We think you will like our take on the “same old mini” and on our never-been-done-before minis.

Our sculptors include seasoned professionals such as Jim Johnson, Jason Wiebe, Drew Williams and talented newcomers like Massimo Zamboni, Leandro Ventric, Alejandro Ramirez. We currently have 5 lines of figurines. ‘Dungeon Crawl‘ is a series of miniatures suitable for any fantasy role playing or fantasy war game. ‘Fathoms Deep‘ is the line of miniatures for our Fathoms Deep underwater skirmish game that is under development, though most of the figures will work equally well in other fantasy games. ‘Myths of Legend‘ a line of 54mm scale figures of gods and mythic heroes. ‘Battle Scar” a line of minis on slotted bases to fit into your favorite fantasy war game. ShadowPort a line based on our upcoming RPG world and products.

Free shipping on all orders through 12/31/2010