Earth Reborn website now open

Ludically have opened a website for the Earth Reborn sci-fi boardgame they are publishing with Z-Man Games.

From their announcement:

Just a quick mail to inform you that the Earth Reborn website has just opened his doors. It is already filled up with informations, background, pictures, stories, links and so on and it will keep on growing and provide more and more informations, scenarios, player’s help, strategical analysis, reports, and so on.
A full tutorial for 3-4 players is under devellopement and will soon start being published as ready to download scenario files. Ready to print.
Players will be allowed and encouraged to propose their own scenarios that we will propose for download tot he community of players around the world.
Both the rulebook and the background and scenario book are already available for download in the download section. In english and in french. That means no more secrets for the players, they have most of the answers they’ve been waiting for.
Plus many many other things…. So go check it out 😉 .
If you have a website, a gaming magazine, a blog, a facebook page, twitter or any means of communication… and if you wanna help Earth Reborn finding his community of players, please feel free to publish this news and the link to the website in your media so to inform the players. That would be great .