Earth Reborn available for sale

Ludically and Z-Man Games are reporting that the Earth Reborn boardgame should be in stores in North America and available soon in Europe.

From their announcement:

Earth Reborn should be available by now on the US continent, and it will be in shops next week in Europe.
Meanwhile, and to be sure that everything is ready when the game hits the shelves, the website dedicated to Earth Reborn has received a lot of new stuff that should please the players and help them wait a few more days.

You will find :

  • The first 3 scenarios for the 3 and 4 players tutorial, downloadable and ready to be printed
  • Two map editors : one totally dedicated to Earth Reborn and fully Online, the other one, more universal and to install on your computer.
  • All the tools needed to help you in the creating process of your own scenarios
  • A huge Forum where the players can post their own scenarios, talk about existing ones, write about strategies, game rules, variants and other stuff related to the game, but also comment and grade the various proposed scenarios.

In the months to come, each week, new scenarios will appear on the website. First to complete the 3-4 Player Tutorial until scenario #9, then with different scenarios proposed by the fan players and the author.
We hope that all these new materials will make the players happy and that it will help them playing the game to its best.