Earth Edition Eternity Dice up on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Accessories
Jan 19th, 2013

Eternity Dice has a new Kickstarter up in order to fund another round of dice. Who can honestly say they don’t want more dice?

From the campaign:

After the successful Kickstarter campaign “Eternity Dice” we thinked if it coluld be possible to do new dice, equally beautiful and special. The Vesuvian lava stone is unique and can be found only at the slopes of Vesuvius, but we realized that in Italy and in the whole World there are so many different stones that deserve our attention, so we decided to create a complete collection of stone dice, all completely handmade one by one, containing all the energy and color of our Planet.
Each of these “jewels” combine their history genesis and the echoes from the Mother Earth.

This really is the ultimate collection!

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  • Soulfinger

    Here is where I think I agree with the “I’m sick of Kickstarter people.” These guys did great last time. There is definitely a demand. Now, they seem to be using KS as a store. Then again, who can blame them. Minimal risk, no money tied up in inventory . . .

  • unihead

    “…containing all the energy and color of our Planet. Each of these “jewels” combine their history genesis and the echoes from the Mother Earth.”

    It had to happen. New Age woo-woo marketing language meets gaming.

    • FranktheTank

      Well… They ARE pretty 🙂
      But I agree, I tried to look up any reviews about how they throw, if they are true (seeing a video on how they were polished made me think really no science goes into making sure they’re not off-balance). Nothing came up.. And at the price they’re offered, I really want some reassurance they’re both pretty AND make good gaming dice.

      • Ghost

        They’re pretty but if accuracy, balance and fairness are important stick with casino dice.

      • mathieu

        It’s pretty clear on the pictures that there’s no consistency in the smoothing of the edges. Not mentioning that the pips are hollowed out, which is never good for trueness.

        On the other hand, in their previous KS at least (I haven’t looked into this new one), they had the option for sharp edges unlocked. Which would be a huge improvement as far as trueness goes, but would probably alter their durability quite a bit (and look imo).

  • mathieu

    KS back with an almost 40% increase on the price of a dice… Wow.

    Given that the black lava is still my favorite, I guess I’ll just back their indiegogo campaign instead.