Eagle Games launches Clockwork Wars board game Kickstarter

Eagle Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Clockwork Wars, their new fantasy-steampunk board game. They’re already well over their funding goal, so it’s on to the stretch goals for 34 days.

Clockwork Wars


From the campaign:

In Clockwork Wars, 2-4 players command a unique race of creatures in a brisk, tense war game set in a alternate universe where magic and steam-era technology collide. Take control of the calculating Purebreeds, the industrious Troglodytes, the mighty Rhinochs, or the proud Mongrels. Your goal is to vanquish your foes and accumulate the most victory points through seven turns of play. You earn points by fighting for control of territories that contain valuable natural resources. To win these battles, you need manpower gained by seizing villages and developing them into cities. Invest in research and discover astonishing new technologies, like Golems, Submersibles, and Analytical Engines. Position your troops, research powerful discoveries, employ espionage, and conquer your enemies to win the game!