Dystopian Wars 2.0 announced

Spartan Games has announced the release of Dystopian Wars version 2.0. Along with the rulebook, they’re also announcing a new 2-player starter box for the new edition of the game.


From the announcement:

We kick off this release with news of the Dystopian Wars 2.0 Hardback Rulebook ‘Commodore Edition’. This 320 page hardback book pulls together all aspects of a game that has, since its release in 2010, literally exploded onto gaming tables around the world.

Our exhilarating take on Victorian Super Science Fiction details a world at war, with the world’s super powers waging a brutal war in the air, on land and at sea. Giant machines of war, often hundreds of feet tall, are called to action, with commanders across the globe battling for supremacy and the fate of their nation.