Dwarven Forge taking pre-orders for Wicked Additions #3

Dwarven Forge is now accepting pre-orders for the Wicked Additions #3 terrain set.

Wicked Additions

From their announcement:

After many years of development and great feedback from collectors, Dwarven Forge is very happy to release a cool expansion set to its classic Master Maze dungeon line. The set contains many highly requested and useful pieces that will allow collectors to add some awesome new settings to their classic dungeon adventures. This set has two new awesome doors, a cool 6″ wide snake archway, a sweet Passage Stairs (with hidden surprise), two cool Gothic Windows, two translucent firewall pieces, three cage wall pieces (affixed to 2″x2″ floors), and lots more.

The Wicked Additions #3 Set is priced at $99 each, but during this pre-order period (by the end of Nov. 16th, 2010) if you can order three Wicked Additions Set #3, you get $30 off the total price ($267 for three sets instead of $297). The sets will ship out in mid-December. This “collection of 3 Wicked Additions #3 Sets” is a special item inside the website, so you must buy “one” of these “collection of 3 Wicked Additions #3 Sets” to get the special pricing.

Pieces from the Wicked Additions #3 Set:

  • (1) Slimed Short Passage
  • (1) Snake Archway
  • (1) Passage Stair
  • (2) Gothic Window
  • (2) Large Pillar
  • (1) Thin Short Passage (allows 1-inch opening in hallway)
  • (2) Oak Door w/Iron Bands
  • (1) Giant Double Door
  • (1) Fountain
  • (4) Curved Wall of Fire
  • (2) Straight Wall of Fire
  • (2) Corner Cage Piece
  • (2) Straight Cage Piece
  • (1) Cage Door