Dwarven Forge releases limited edition Hellscape Terrain set

Dwarven Forge released their new Hellscape Terrain Set over in their webshop. It’s limited edition, so get yours now.

From the release:

This next installment in the acclaimed Den of Evil series is in stock and ready to ship! This Limited Edition Set (1,500) is a great setting for many possible scenarios including volcanic caverns, Star Wars/Sith encounters and more “evil” locales. The set comes fully hand-painted with felt bottoms and a custom-molded styrofoam box. Each set comes complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

  • 4tonmantis

    For a gaming club this would be awesome.. I will never be able to afford this for my own personal gaming needs though.

    • 4tonmantis

      To elaborate.. I really really like this but I also like the new muscle cars and Filet Mignon..
      The design is wonderful and thematically fits so many gaming experiences. Congrats to the folks that get this, you’re lucky owners.

      • Soulfinger

        I guess there is more lava in your games than in mine.

        • 4tonmantis

          Oh man, you’re missing out!
          Though I should point out.. it’s magma. Liquid hot magma.

          Srsly though, it could just as easily be painted as water, sewage, ice, ooze, more dirt, gold, magical energy/souls, or really whatever you want.

          • Have you ever seen sewage? 😀 It’s not smooth… and why would it be flowing in cracks in the tunnel/cave? Also why would anyone collect it in urns and pots? Biological warfare? 😀 That said, I would enjoy a proper sewage tunnel board…

          • Soulfinger

            So, it’s abnormal to collect sewage in urns and pots? Cheese it, guys! The jig is up!

  • Hell Dorado. ‘nough said.