Dwarven Forge launches Game Tiles Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Mar 25th, 2013

Dwarven Forge, makers of fine terrain for the past 17 years, has launched a Kickstarter in order to fund a new set of modular game terrain tiles. They just launched and are already 150% funded. So it’s stretch goals for the next 36 days.

From the campaign:

Dwarven Forge, a leader in miniature terrain for 17 years, is proud to introduce Game Tiles, right here on Kickstarter. Game Tiles is our new 25mm gaming terrain that is inspired by (and completely compatible with) our classic terrain. Perfect for D&D, and other 25mm games, Game Tiles look and feel spectacular. They feel heavy in the hand, and they can quickly be placed together to form a cool miniature terrain encounter area.

What’s immediately striking is Game Tiles’ casting material. Made from a dense, incredibly strong, color-infused compound, Game Tiles are nearly indestructible and remarkably affordable. You can literally throw Game Tiles in a bag, haul them to a game session, dump them on the table, set them up – and then scrape them off the table back into your bag. In testing, we actually struck our prototype pieces hard with a hammer – and it didn’t leave a mark!

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  • mweaver

    So, same basic product, just a different material?

  • Mikro

    So the creator of Dwarven Forge terrain runs D&D adventures using his amazing dungeon sets at Tutu’s Restaurant in Brooklyn. Including smoke machines and moody lighting while wearing a chainmail cowl. I am so there.

  • Thraug

    Cheaper material too, and unpainted for even cheaper. Dry-brushing is very easy, as the video shows. Resin is pretty delicate too, I own a lot of Dwarven Forge sets and it’s fine if you’re careful. Cracked if you drop it.


  • spidey

    I really like their stuff, but that half square along the walls really irks me … seems like wasted space …

  • Bossk_Hogg

    “i really like their stuff, but that half square along the walls really irks me … seems like wasted space …”

    The wall has to go somewhere, unless you want it paper thin. Putting it on the outside makes it impossible to have interior walls with floor on both sides, as the pieces dont line up anymore.