• LegoRick

    I’m back in for ten painted sets again. The amazing amount of complex pledge options and number of backers that their first KS project ended up with had left me feeling doubtful of their ability to fulfill everything in a timely manner. They actually delivered everything on time. I can’t remember how many pieces my pledge level +add ons last time left me with, but it had to be 800 or more, and there were only two or three small pieces that I had an issue with. I received the replacements immediately.

    You’d have a hard time finding any of the 5,000+ backers who have anything negative to say about their experience. I know I sound like an infomercial, but amongst all of the delays and regretful experiences I’ve had with so many other KS projects, DF managed to produce the most awesome KS experience I’ve ever been involved in.

  • KelRiever

    I love them but they leave me high and dry with lack of inventory with their regular stock. Can’t back a kickstarter when I know they have the means (or should) to refill at least some inventory. When they do, I’ll go back and buy what I need. I can’t justify a caverns add on when I need more basic stuff from them!