Dwarf King’s Hold video

By tgn_admin
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Feb 10th, 2011

Mantic Games have posted a video with game developer Jake Thornton who will be creating the Dwarf King’s Hold boardgame for Mantic.

From their announcement:

We promised more announcements, well here you go.

Jake, now that he has signed up with us, briefly introduces our brand new game: Dwarf King’s Hold. He goes through some of the basic concepts and ideas behind the game, which will be fully expanded upon very soon when Beasts of War does a full expose.

Let us know what you

  • Tomas

    They stole Jake from GW?

    Sheesh, is nothing sacred anymore?

    • Zac

      I don’t think Jake has been at GW for a long time has he?

      • Rich_B

        No he hasn’t.

  • Osbad

    Sounding like a good game. And the price point looks like good value if the components are decent. I’ll almost certainly be getting this when it comes out if it lives up to its inicial promise.

    Looks like Ronnie’s desire to get back to the fun that he used to have when GW was less “corporate” and more “by gamers for gamers” is being realised for the benefits of us all!

  • Toqtamish

    Very much agree with the rest. Mantic is what GW used to be.

  • Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

    Ok so I am missing something – other than the dog what was really revealed? The art on the tiles weren’t done, figures weren’t painted and not much was said.

    I am interested and will most likely get but I found it a tad of a waste of time – a tease to a tease?

    Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

    • Darsc Zacal

      There’s more than a few people who are interested in what a company like Mantic are working on and find that having very early work in progress previews much preferable to other companies policies of saying nothing until the final product is ready to ship.

      It sounds like you’re wanting a review of the final product rather than a preview of a still in development wip. Two entirely different things. For that review, you’ll still have to wait a few weeks.

      • Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

        No not really – I was lead to understand that this was an April/May release and that this weekend they were showcasing it. To me this says that they have a system and that 90% of the art/layout/photos are done.
        I am expecting when I watch or listen to a ‘cast information – yes this was labelled as a “brief intro” but a written press release has more.

        Yes it will be great to see a game that GW should have done years ago or redone; yes it’s exciting to have a company doing minis at a price point that reflects that this is a hobby and not a marriage – all this is wonderful and worth the Gush but the video – bah.

        Mansions of Madness Video – now that is an intro to a game. (Bigger budget and more exp. but that is what they should be striving for – concidering that FFG is using Apple styling for their work… which is great.)

        Lord Abaddon of Wormwood