Dust Operation Babylon Wave 2 Shipping Soon

As promised last week, Dust Studio has given us an update about the situation with Battlefront and the shipping of the Wave 2 models from their Operation Babylon Kickstarter. Good news, everybody! It looks like people will be getting their alternate-history figures after all (more than likely). Apparently payments and shipping instructions are being exchanged and shipping should begin within a week of that exchange being made. You can read the letter from Dust Studio below the cut.

Dear Backer,

We received an email from Battlefront yesterday: they said they would check the production list and issue a purchase order on Monday.

Dust Studio will provide Battlefront with a packing list and an invoice by next week. The items are ready and will be shipped to you within one week upon reception of the payment and shipping instructions.

Dust Studio will give Battlefront one week from the invoice date to make the full payment.

We are confident that we are really near to end this struggle at this time and cannot wait to finally deliver the goods to you, our deserving backers.

You should expect the next update as soon as we receive the full payment – we will make sure to keep you informed with the latest developments on a regular basis.

Thank you again for your patience and support.

Dust Studio Team


  • TredHed

    And this still does not make me hopeful for the game’s future.

    • Darkness

      Got a bad feeling about this….

      Would love to see the dust universe take off – but it is going to be difficult as the players will loose faith

      • BDUB

        Racham, FFG, and now Battlefront – If you’re Paolo, after awhile you have to start asking yourself, “am I the a$$hole here?”

    • DB

      It’s unlikely that the relationship between BF and Dust Studios is salvageable. The FFG and Dust Studios relationship is long over. Does anyone think that another company would step in to work with Dust Studios after this, after how public their grievances have become?

      No matter what BF did or didn’t do, Dust Studios is stained even more than before, and it’s a pity for them and for their fans.

      • BenitoSenence

        Agree with you here. As much as we get some new models can Dust stay alive enough to continue to deliver new models in the future with another lost distributor. It seems unlikely but I would like to see someone be able to make a partnership that can at least keep products flowing to us fans

      • BDUB

        I certainly don’t. At this point I will either play Warfare in its last incarnation from FFG, or find a ALT rule-set that plays well and will use most of the minis I have (which is ALL of them!).