Dust Tactics updated

By tgn_admin
In Board Games
Jun 8th, 2011

Fantasy Flight Games have updated the core Dust Tactics game and released several new products to support those changes and expand the game including a Unit Card Upgrade Pack and a new tile set.

  • Marauder

    Man they are really pumping this stuff out. I gotta settle on a generic 28mm game and get playing!

  • PanzerKraken

    Seems kind of odd to have a new core set so quickly, but I guess they sold out of the original printing which from what I understand was really done by AEG, the packaging even still had AEG logos underneath FFG stickers. At least the new core set has all new figures in it so it makes it worth it to those who bought the original set.

    • Cergorach

      That sounds nice, but the game went from 4 walkers and 32 figures for $100 to 2 walkers and 22 figures for $80, which is not so nice.

      • Marauder

        True, you don’t seem to be getting as much as in the previous set. Some of the new models are in power armour though, which are more expensive than regular sized models.

  • Dead Kennedy

    Can anyone weigh in on the terrain tiles? I’m curious about getting some for SOTR and AEWW2 games.

    I like the supplemental core box. It’s a neat way to get someone to buy the game again even when its new(ish).

    • Dead Kennedy

      Er, that may read better as “the quality of the terrain tiles”. Print quality, durability, all that jazz.

  • PanzerKraken

    I would like to see them talk about potential new factions as well. The initial set talked about adding in the Aliens in one set, as well as making mention of British forces.

    • Marauder

      Ya, more factions! And while it may not have been mentioned, no WeirdWII game is complete without some Soviets!

      • Or Japanese.

        • Veritas

          Very much so. The pacific front is woefully under represented in weird war games at the moment.

          • Paolo has art for both Soviets and Japanese as well as several other countries. If they get used is a different story. But as always with Paolos stuff he leads the way with his gorgeous art.