Paolo Parente’s Dust 1947 To Be At GAMA Trade Show With Ninja Division

With the strong, desert winds, Las Vegas can be a rather dusty place. Well, next week at the GAMA Trade Show, it’s going to be just a little bit more dusty. That’s because Dust is going to be there, partnered up with Ninja Division. This is the start of a new beginning for the world of Dust.

The new brand for the game will be Paolo Parente’s Dust 1947. They admit that it’s been a rocky couple of years, but this new beginning is looking to be the start of something great. At the show, Paolo Parente’s Dust 1947 will be showing off new products. There’s new books. There’s new models. There’s new accessories. There’s a little bit of everything. Distributors and retailers are welcome to stop by and see all the great things in store for this unique strategy game.

GAMA will be held from Monday, March 14th to Friday the 18th at Bally’s in Las Vegas.

GAMA Trade Show website

  • Darkness

    I am quite confused after being out the loop since last year – what is the current situation with Dust?

    • Tommel

      Better don’t ask. Many People still wait for there stuff.
      Last Year
      in December BF and DS came to an agreement and said everything missing
      will be sent,but that DS needs 120 Days to produce the missing stuff.
      Funny if you know that DS said along the KS to delliver anything in
      shorter Time ( in my Opinion just another proof that DS hasn’t been
      total honest with there Backer)
      Meanwhile they changed the Rules
      again, they changed some things back like the were in 1st Ed. Not really
      Happy. The didn’t fix the things most people complaint in 2nd and
      changed some good things. You can Download the rules for free at the site for free.
      Take a look if you are interested

      • odinsgrandson

        Latest word on the Kickstarter is that Battlefront and Dust Studios (finally) came to some agreement, and the last batch of Dust stuff is in production.

        They stated this in December, and stated that it would take four months to produce everything from there.

        Both companies looked pretty bad during the squabble, but Paolo ends up looking a bit worse, since he’s still attached to the Dust franchise.

    • Michael Zabkar

      Get ready. All of the usual complainers have been waiting for this opportunity to start floating their ignorance again. Rather than simply moving on, if they were dissatisfied, they’ll take advantage of the anonymity the internet provides to piss, moan, bitch, and complain…even more — and try to run down the game, the company, and it’s players/supporters. They’ll start vomiting up words like “fanboy” and such to insult those such as I who actually know (and comprehend) the real story and what happened. It’s already started.

      The facts are, Dust Studio and Battlefront have parted ways. All obligations are being filled – some quicker than others (that’s reality folks. Welcome to the game industry). Dust is producing new cards, new units, and updating the rules (as any good solid company does with their successful game – again, Welcome to the game industry). The game and company are moving forward. The players/supporters are moving forward. The only ones still wallowing in their own perceived misery are the usual gaggle of complainers who come out of the woodwork like termites to continue their stale griping.

      The game is fine. It’s still fun. The models are still beautiful.

  • JonnyRocket

    All I know is that their Kickstarter is still far from being fulfilled after two years, but I guess he’s too busy finding yet another publisher and distributor. Like Battlefront and Team Yankee, looks like everybody moved on from the failed campaign…except those who got suckered in.

    • Michael Zabkar

      Not being fulfilled? Really?

      I received my entire order. Wave 1 was shipped. Wave 2 was shipped. Wave 3 is currently being produced and shipped. Before you spout off with your ignorance, I suggest you do some research. Real research. Not the drivel posted in the Kickstarter comments page.

      Move on.

      • JonnyRocket

        You say ignorance and I’m just looking at the cold hard truth, two years after their mess of a KIckstarter, BF and DS still owe me items. If I were alone in this situation, I’d say it’s a hiccup and that indeed the campaign has been fulfilled, but that is not the case and many if not most backers are still waiting for their complete pledge.

        • Tommel

          Michale Zakbar is a Friend if P. Parente and so it is assured that his opionen is totaly unprejudiced

          • Michael Zabkar

            Know him? Yes.

            I wouldn’t classify myself as his friend…but certainly a friendly acquaintance.

            And, of course, all the negative griping and complaining comes from completely unbiased points of view that are based on objective facts.

        • Michael Zabkar

          I do see your point, but I also think you are projecting your own situation anecdotally onto all backers. I can do the same. I got all my stuff. I can assume that others like me did as well.

          • Ghool

            It’s funny, because I don’t see anyone else having the same feelings, or opinions as you do.
            All the other backers that have commented in this post are still owed the rest of their pledge.

            Based on this anecdotal evidence seen here, I’d say that more people have NOT gotten their full pledge than have.

            And besides, when a business matter is taken public, and the owners of both companies behaved like it’s a high school Facebook war, it makes them look immature, and unprofessional, which this entire situation is, and has become.

            On that fact alone, there’s no way in hell I would ever buy anything either company makes.

            I’m also not sure why you’re so adamant about defending them. If they’re so awesome, and have been great to their customers, I’m sure the evidence can speak for itself.

          • Michael Zabkar

            Then, frankly, you are either willfully ignorant, or just not paying attention.

            Either way, there’s nothing I can say that will change your mind.

          • Ghool

            You don’t have to change my mind about anything. Because frankly, I don’t really care.
            I didn’t back it, and have no interest in it.

            All I’m trying to do is get you to articulate why you’re defending some one whom is quite obviously great at ideas, but poor at business.
            I just want to understand why you’re defending Paolo so vehemently when it’s clear no one else is, or is willing to on this particular board.

            You don’t need to change my mind. But you do need to convince me why you’re shooting down every complaint like it has no merit.

          • Michael Zabkar

            Ok. Thanks.

          • mathieu

            “[…] when a business matter is taken public, and the owners of both companies behaved like it’s a high school Facebook war, it makes them look immature, and unprofessional”

            While the fact that of the handful or people posting here only one is (awkwardly) defending Parente is utterly meaningless and irrelevant, I agree that the way this whole debacle went down was embarrassingly childish. Which is not how I prefer people I give my money to to behave…

          • PRAY FOR MOJO

            When the fans come in and try to zealously defend a company, it just makes that company look worse. Every new post here has just been another reminder for me to never purchase any Dust game.

  • Katrin Schmidt

    Paolo and his bunch of thiefes can f..k off. Seriously they robed all the backers. Take a look at their babylon kickstarter.

    • Gregoire Boisbelaud

      Due to various past dispute, the KS delivery got delayed excessively. But Battlefront communicated on the KS page that everything would be delivered this spring.

      • the_red_eye

        Could you confirm the production process is on the way ? over ?

        • Gregoire Boisbelaud

          It is still in process. The communication on the KS page, from Battlefront, explained the whole process and timing. πŸ™‚

    • Michael Zabkar

      It is painfully aware that “Katrin Schmidt” has absolutely no clue whatsoever of the prior situation with the Kickstarter fiasco, nor the current thriving situation. Without re-litigating the entire event over and over again, suffice it to say, Katrin…you have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Hey shithead, I think you have no idea and never had any idea of what you were defending.

        You defend fraudulent business. That is what you talk about.

        Battlefraud used up the money first to pay their debts instead of what they were supposed to do: pay Dust Studios for the products

        Dust Studios sold the products that were meant for the Kickstarter backers through regular channels instead – and offered some very poor excuse of a ‘deal’ for the backers to pay a second time for the product they were to receive through the kickstarter.

        Both companies are terrible and should be avoided. There is no reason to buy products from either company when you know what they both have done.

        Much better games and products out there. Kingdom Death is a prime example of how a Kickstarter should be run, even with the ridiculously long delays, it kept us apprised of any changes in schedules and kept giving us proof that things were moving along well and in the end delivered a solid product that we can finally enjoy and enjoy we do.

        Meanwhile, DS and BF delivered partial things, gave poor or no info at all, acted like spoiled brats and proved that they did not care about the backers.

        Way to go.

        Now keep on defending ’em, you shallow and piece of shit.

        • Michael Zabkar

          Ok. Thanks.

  • BlackKnight

    People who are angry about the KS…I get it. All products are goign to be provided in Wave 3 this spring. The game and the company have to keep moving on with supporting and producing it, however. I love the game and the figures and support DUST.

  • Dust Tactics. Dust Warfare. Dust Tactics Battlefield. Dust 1947. Frankly, the most I was hoping for at this stage is that they’d finally decide on a snappy name for the damn thing. With seven syllables in the latest one, I guess not. πŸ™‚

    • Gregoire Boisbelaud

      Call it what you want. The important for us is that you play it and enjoy it. πŸ™‚

      And Dust Warfare is not officially supported by us since we parted with FFG. πŸ˜‰
      And the Tactics and Battlefield rules are getting revamped (and will be available for free on our website) in ONE book for that reason too. We hope you will like it.

      • BDUB

        New rules (open table rules!) is all I care about. I haven’t bought a single model since the split with FFG. I was a Warfare player, and have no interest in playing a Tactics. Best of luck – I’ll be watching.

      • I do Gregoire, and have supported it with buying 3 huge armies and making rules summaries and game session videos. But I’m the customer who’s already playing it, and even I’m pretty tired of the rules changing and the lack of innovation in new figures. Customers don’t want to know about who supports it or publishes it or the endless business shenigans, and sadly I think that a lot of time and effort is required to rebuild Dust’s gaming reputation after years of confusion. Not to mention the damage done by years of deep discounting – BF not buying FFG’s old stock was a big mistake for a start.

        If I ran things, I’d call it simply ‘Dust Tactics’ (for the grid game) and ‘Dust Battlefield’ (for the tabletop game). And I would announce the new era of the game by finally releasing the alien Vril and injecting some freshness into proceedings.

        But I really hope Dust Whatever finally has a bright future! πŸ™‚

        • Gregoire Boisbelaud

          thanks ! And I hope that one day we will laugh about all this and play together. πŸ˜‰

  • Jo Go

    Can’t wait for this new business relationship to go south so I’ll be able to grab a bunch of the figs outta the clearance bin like when the Battlefront partnership crashed and burned πŸ™‚ All joking aside I wish DUST all the best. I love the look of the figs and the game had a growing scene in my area before it died with the Battlefront mess.

    • Ghool

      Let’s see….

      Dust has seen THREE different production/distro relationships in the past few years.

      I wonder how long it’ll take them to trash this one? I also wonder how long can people be gullible enough to keep giving their money to a company that destroys and ruins every one of their business partnerships?

      I don’t about anyone else, but seeing this many disputes, poor management, and updated game rules (usually with a complete re-write) every year, I don’t know how anyone can support this mans vision?

      Seriously. Why would you ever want to buy any of this product after the last fiasco?

  • mathieu

    Some sweet models in there!