Dust Studio preview JagdLuther Special Edition model

Dust Studio have posted a photo of the Special Edition JagdLuther model which will be first available at ComicCon.


From their announcement:

Some news from Dust Studio. Here are a few pictures of a special release available only at San Diego Comic Con (July 22-25, 2010). This item will only be available on Sideshow Collectibles’ booth, so make sure to visit them to grab one.
This is a schwer Panzer KampfLaüfer IV-C “JagdLuther” from the Axis army. It packs two 7.5 cm PaK 42 L/70. The miniature comes fully painted with its scenic base. In the box you’ll also find a regular base and a unit card both to use when playing Dust Tactics.

After Comic Con this item will be available on our website, www.dust-tactics.com, starting in September. As for the special release, it’s fully painted by our Studio.

We call this range the “Dust Tactics Deluxe Edition” and it has nothing in common with any pre-painted miniatures you’ve ever seen. Everything is there: weathering, paint effects, decals, etc. (Though if you want the scenic base, grab one from Sideshow.).
As you already know Dust Tactics will be released at Gen Con this summer. This will be a good time to see the quality of our “Deluxe Edition”. We’ll have a few sets there of the starter set, fully painted.