Dust: Operation Babylon Kickstarter launches

Dust Studio has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Dust: Operation Babylon.



From the campaign:

April 1947. When the Blutkreuz Korps unearthed records of an ancient alien energy source hidden in Mesopotamia, they started working on plans to recover it. Now their plans are coming to fruition.

Operation Babylon thrusts Rommel, The Desert Fox, and his Neue Deutches Afrikakorps (NDAK), the New German Africa Corps, into the cradle of civilisation in central Iraq. Their mission is to secure the region around the ancient city of Babylon so that Blutkreuz Korps archaeologists and scientists can unearth the alien power source.

  • blkdymnd

    What an utter cash grab. Everything is done. Their pledges are full MSRP, first five stretch goals are paid add ons, and the first free stretch are heroes that were originally planned to be in the boxes. I have left this game after four years, sadly because of BF’s constant mis management. This KS makes me both sad and angry.

    • grimbergen

      How has BF mismanaged it? I don’t have all the details, but it seemed like they were already working with a sinking ship and making the best of it. Clearly FFG couldn’t get it to work out financially with the original business model… and before that AEG couldn’t even get this thing to launch.

      I still think part of the problem is the core look of the miniatures. Most of the infantry have dull sculpts/poses and guns that look like absurd toys. With the exception of the germen walkers and the shermans, all the other vehicles are just odd … especially the chibi thing going on with the aircraft and helos.

      They’re caught in a bind with minis that don’t appeal to the historical gamer nor the usual sci-fi geek. The trouble I’ve been having with getting any traction on this game in my local groups has always been the visual/eye candy, or lack thereof.

      • grimbergen

        ugh… up too late and shouldn’t be drinking and typing. Apologies to all the Germen folks on TGN.

      • blkdymnd

        Their influence on the new rules revision made it a complete dice fest, before the dice rolls were much more strategic, now an axis heavy recon squad with Lara rolls 55 dice on an attack. They released new rules, but old cards for the starter boxes. They’ve mostly decimated Dust Warfare and it’s fanbase, I was part of the most recent Warfare playtest and it was a complete joke the way they treated it. Just get stats that work and get it out as fast as possible, no time to truly balance it. And then, this Kickstarter, while successful, is sad how they’re running it in my opinion. Saying that this campaign will pay for tooling and molds, and then in the same sentence saying that they’ll be working on developing those molds during the Kickstarter campaign…. the one where they’re raising the money FOR those molds. They’ve even mentioned that they’re going to attack online retailers who are discounting Dust more than a standard 10%, which is their right! bit I think will also bite them in the end. I’m just sad as a long time player where it’s at now.

        • carypearson

          They are going to attack retailers that offer more than 10% Who do they think they are? GW? With there current model of “PrePainted” (which is actually pre primed and terrible assembly with no cleaning of mold lines) I have to carefully tear each model apart and start over. If I had to pay retail I would never have bought anything of theirs.

          I only bought in for the walkers and we wanted to play Dust Warfare…Which was quite fun, even with some of the problems…

          But looking at the Battlefront forums it is pretty clear they are ready to dump Warfare, with their attempt to create Dust:Battlefield… I will be packing all of it up and putting it away in a closet…

          • Hekal Xul

            Harking back to the Shang-hi Plastics AT 43 and Confrontation pre-paints I’ve even had numerous “factory seconds” where its obviously been broken and repaired (poorly) before being packaged.
            Found with the troops brake fluid strips the “primer” and glue completely and once you soak the parts in water to remove the residue the plastic hardens up quite a bit. Used to work with the walkers but I think they’ve now changed material.

  • Argate

    The Kickstarter seems just a success, in only one day.

    • grimbergen

      Appears to be fueled by just limited slots on the bundles and prepainted sets. We’ll see if they can continue this momentum, now that all’s left are the lower tiers… I’ve seen many KS that hedge everything on a big day-1 start with limited high price tiers have blowout results initially, but can’t sustain it and sputter to the finish.