Dungeon Dice, a new dice game up on Kickstarter

Dungeon Dice by Potluck Games is a new dice game looking for funding over on Kickstarter.
Go have a look-see.

From the campaign:

A new game on Kickstarter combines monster-killing and treasure-finding with loads and loads of custom dice.

The project begins with 70 dice, but more will be released as stretch goals are met.

  • blkdymnd

    Looks decent, and I do like custom dice, but also looks pretty tedious

  • phoenixman

    christ on a moped…. more blooming kickstarter stuff.

    this will KILL gaming if we dont watch out as no-one will eventually bring out a game, figures etc unless people cough up their dough first on kickstarter or the like.

    here’s hoping it stops… SOON!

    • Bobofreak

      Haters will hate…

      Kill gaming? Depends on what your view of Killing gaming is. Is having more variety, higher production value and exposure of more games to more people killing gaming?

      Kickstarter and crowd funding is here and it is viable way for small companies (CMON still qualifies as a small company in my opinion) to raise the capital needed for a new product. It lets them mitigate the risk they need to take in bringing a new game to market and like most small companies I am sure a lot of them would be drastically impacted by one poor selling release.

      This lets them execute an idea and build on it if its successful or move on to the next idea if its not viable. Seems really smart from a bussiness perspective to me.

      Will this affect FLGS? As a former owner of a Hobbytown USA franchise this remains to be seen but FLGS have been dealing with internet based sales since there inception. I could never compete with the pricepoint that some guy in Nebraska could sell things out of his basement when I was paying $27 a square foot for 2100 feet of retail space.

      I think any good FLGS will be able to weather the Kickstarter impact (Mine was smart enough and took great advantage of the Reaper Bones KS) becaue in the end a successfull FLGS is not just a place to pick up the latest hotness and leave but a place to for people to congregate and grow the gaming community.

  • keltheos

    It’s consumer-driven. People have to stop contributing for the companies to stop offering them. 🙂

    With all the incentives, I don’t see that happening. I’m more curious about how KS will change the hobby long-term. We haven’t seen how sales in stores have been affected by the REALLY BIG Kickstarters yet. Zombicide was one of the earliest hits, but even its $$ wasn’t as high up there as RP’s Bones, or Sedition War, Relic Knights, Kingdom: Death and so forth. It’s how these games sell once they are released to the stores that’ll tell us what KS really bodes for gaming, IMO.

  • blkdymnd

    Kill gaming? It’s only helping gaming. I’ve purchased more gaming than I probably ever have and those that I can’t pledge, I’ll be looking for at my LGS. It’s done nothing but help gaming.

  • estrus

    Personally I’ve backed 5 KS and I am definitely taking a break! I’ve only gotten one of the five.

    I’m certainly jaded by the deluge of Kickstarters and am not nearly as interested as I once was.

    Kickstarter fatigue is pretty common these days I’m noticing, especially when companies essentially use them as nothing more than pre-orders.

    • blkdymnd

      Well, Cool Mini or Not has kinda ruined that for those struggling to get a product together. This product, that basically is at the paper dice stage and projects like Rick Priestly’s Antares project that is at the early concepts stage get overlooked for the next shiny CMON Preorderstarter.

  • Soulfinger

    What’s kind of weird about this one is that they are doing stretch goals prior to reaching their funding goal, which is off-putting. It’s not really a bonus to gradually reveal the basic contents of the game.

    What I wonder is how this is better/different from TSR’s Dragon Dice, which are now produced by SFR . . . although I don’t wonder too much about that, because I’m not hugely interested in either product.

    The whole Kickstarter glut will level out just like the OGL thing did. You all remember the titanic glut of D20 products. Paizo and Fantasy Flight cashed in and emerged as major players. Hasbro bought out WoTC and Avalon Hill, which legitimized our niche market as a profitable venture within the larger games industry and further mainstreamed the hobby (increasing the market potential for the aforementioned Paizo and FF products). Likewise, with KS we’ll see a few companies gain a really solid foothold (CMON and Reaper are certainly doing well so far), numerous one-shot enterprises, and some singular market shift. Eventually, we’ll all be complaining about the next big thing and take for granted crowd-funding’s role in our hobby.

  • janus

    ah… thats the game made by these Blue Table Painting staff guys Brigh and Camron.

    Well, wish them well ! Hope their KS doesnt damage them as badly as it damaged Gatelys BTP as a whole. But he seems a lot more catiious since then…

  • Scoates

    I’m kind of surprised to see the negative responses to Kickstarter.
    I’m behind Dungeon Dice, and I thought some of you might appreciate to hear my thoughts. I want to explain that I’m excited for this game, and I’m excited to share it. I think Kickstarter is great because I would have no other way to create this many custom dice without selling out. I don’t really care to make money off of kickstarter. I just want to make the best possible game.

    Kickstarter really just lets you determine the demand for something before it is produced.

  • Grim6

    I am surprised as well. I have loved Kickstarter, as purely a backer / customer. Oh, teh noes, companies are letting me get involved in making sure cool games that interest me get made. The shame! The horror!

    As blkdymnd said, I’ve back / bought / supported more games than ever through Kickstarter. And yes, I think CMON is doing a great job. I just got Sedition Wars (FREAKING AWESOME!), and have plunked my monies down for Rivet Wars, along with many other non-CMON games.

    I think it is great that Kickstarter gives customers more input into what gets made and what doesn’t, rather than leaving it up to the judgement of a select few in various publishing houses. How many times have you seen a great game line get dropped or not produced because some single person or some small cadre decides, in their judgement, it doesn’t have legs.

    I do appreciate the fatigue issue – but I see that as a result of too much awesome – what a great problem to have!

    Scoates – I think your game, on this forum, is a victim of displaced frustration. I don’t think it’s a direct reflection on your product. I thought it was kind of wierd that this Dungeon Dice post, as some weird twist of fate, has become an outlet for some of this fristration.

  • Scoates

    I haven’t taken offense. I’m a gamer and I work with many gamers professionally. I get it. When it comes to choosing games, I’m probably the pickiest person I know. Which is why I don’t want to give control of this game to some other company.

    Frankly, we know our prices are high. It’s our biggest obstacle right now. And if you think we’re trying to scrape you for all you’ve got–yeah, it’s going to be a little offensive. But that’s not what we’re doing. Hence my first post. We’re doing what we can, and we hope there’s interest.