Dungeon Deck: Quests Expansion Kickstarter Shows Off New Camp & Character Decks

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Mar 7th, 2013
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Dungeon Deck lets you build a night’s gaming encounters in minutes. They’re on Kickstarter looking for funding for some expansion packs.

From the campaign:

Dungeon Deck: Quests allows the generation of a random fantasy adventure scenario by just drawing a handful of random cards from each of several decks. While the core intent of their kickstarter is to reprint the expansions (adding more adventure possibilities) if it gets enough funding two entirely new decks will be made available. One is a Camp specific event deck, to deal with those nights when the sleep of the adventurer is interrupted. The other is a Character deck that allows quick generation of personality for NPCs (and even blander PCs).

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  • dhunton

    We just updated this to add DOUBLE REWARDS:

    As we roll to the single digits of days left, we are going to… MAKE YOU AN OFFER YOU CAN’T REFUSE (as the Godfather would say), BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! WE WANT TO DOUBLE YOUR REWARD! THAT’S RIGHT, DOUBLE YOUR REWARD! For just $10 more, get twice as much! (as the infomercials always say…)

    But it’s true… for just $10 more added to any pledge (except retailer), we will send you twice as many decks! Whether you’ve already pledged, or are just joining us now, add $10 to your pledge to double your decks!

    We want to get this funded, and we’re more than happy to reward you for your assistance by giving you two times the stuff.

    Spread the word! Share the joy! Help us get funded, and reach the stretch goals!