Drinking Buddies Party Card Game Coming To Kickstarter

Despite being a teetotaler, myself, I don’t mind if other people imbibe safely and responsibly. And as a gamer, I certainly know that gamers tend to like to get their booze on. Well, a new party drinking card game will be making its way to Kickstarter soon. It’s called Drinking Buddies.

From the website:

Drinking Buddies is a thinking game for drinking people that combines three of our favorite things: strategy, party games, and beer. Easy to learn, hard to master, and always fun as hell to play, Drinking Buddies is perfect for parties and game nights alike.

Here’s an overview of the gameplay experience:

Action cards: These cards give you the ability to do things like refill one of your shots or make an opponent drink one of theirs
Buddy cards: These cards are used to form Buddy relationships with other players, creating a transfer effect that applies to drink and refill actions
How to win: The game ends the first time any player has emptied all of their shots, and the player with the most full shots left over at the end of the game wins
Strategy: The general idea is to use your Buddy cards to maximize the effect of your Action cards from turn to turn to help you end the game in the lead
Countering: Expect the unexpected! Opponents can counter Action cards played against them under certain conditions, so there’s no guarantee your turn will go according to plan