Dreamscarred Press Running Psionics Guide For Starfinder Kickstarter Campaign

“It’s mind over matter” takes on a whole new meaning when psionics get involved. In the far-off future and in the various corners of the galaxy, some humans and aliens have learned that the mind can be a very powerful thing, capable of moving mountains. And I don’t just mean by inventing steamshovels. Dreamscarred Press is running a Kickstarter campaign to create a Psionics Guide for the Starfinder RPG system.

From the campaign:

The Psionics Guide will include the following material to expand your options in a Science Fantasy campaign:

New Races – 11 psionic races to choose from the curious astreidi, the insectoid dromites, the immortal elans, the serpentine ophiduan, to the powerful half-giants
Four New Classes – the iconic Psion, the Aegis who shapes energy into armor and weapons, the Specialist who uses her psionic power to overcome obstacles, and the Integrator who joins minds together into vast neural networks
New Feats – new feats for the different psionic classes
New Archetypes – including a Wilder archetype and the Soulknife archetype, which use the Starfinder RPG archetype design
Psionic Powers – with powers from 1st level to 6th level
Psionic Equipment to outfit your character or augment their abilities

The campaign has made it past its funding goal, so it’s on to stretch goals for the next 28 days.