Dreamforge preview 15mm Leviathan Crusader

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
May 11th, 2011

Dreamforge-Games have posted a preview of the 3D sculpts of the 15mm version of the Leviathan Crusader miniature.

15mm Leviathan Crusader

From their website:

5.5” (140mm) tall with far less parts, this model will satisfy a few aspects left wanting from its full-scale 28mm brother. This kit will be far simpler to build, no cutting, cussing, and a bit more survivable on the game table regardless of its smaller size.

I had to go slightly larger than a true 15mm conversion on this kit due to the part thickness and casting concerns. I did not want any part thinner than 2mm. The model is roughly .5” taller than it should be, but as there are no windows or hatches to denote scale, this should not be an issue. I will keep this fact in mind when designing future releases and make sure no part is thinner than 4mm on the full scale 28mm models.

  • fattdex

    Can’t think of a 15mm game to use these in…. But I’d buy a shedload of them as Paladin Knights for epic 40,000 if they were 6mm scaled.

  • Tommygun

    5.5 inches then.
    I wonder how that would compare to a Grey Knight Nemesis in size?
    Might make for an interesting proxy.