DreamForge Leviathan Mortis limited edition first release

DreamForge-Games have released the first of their Leviathan Mortis Limited Edition kits on eBay.

Limited Edition

From their announcement:

The first release from DreamForge-Games has been listed on eBay.

Casting took considerably longer than planned, two days of fussing with new molds and adjusting vent and sprue size. I suppose it’s to be expected but it sure is frustrating.

Because of the current production rate, I have concluded that I need to move this out of house sooner than later and will be working toward that end.

Until then I had to choose what way would allow the most people a shot at purchasing a kit… I settled on the auction format. I know it’s not ideal and bidding may go over the suggested retail but the market supply and demand will set the price and if there is extra profit, it will go straight to the contract caster to get that end rolling.

I refuse to take pre-orders because I will not sell something that is not in a box and ready to ship…. Been there, done that, and won’t do it again. There are just too many things that can go wrong, and I would prefer not to anger my customers with unreasonable wait times.

Happy New Years everyone