DreamForge Games updates their preview

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 27th, 2012

DreamForge Games reveals their newest update to their previews. Remember, these guys are looking for your feedback! Help them out, as they obviously are listening!

You can still help out:

Reading the posts here and on Dakka, there have been a few mentions of shoulder pads and the foot size. I don’t want oversized clown feet but there was a great suggestion for an overshoe or ankle armor that I think worked out well.

I widened the stance, added ankle armor and made some very slight tweaks to the shoulders. My desire was to ground the mini a bit and deal with some top heavy issues.

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  • The changes make a large difference. Widening the stance did a lot to help. I would suggest that if you are going to have one specific armament be the rank and file so to speak, have 3 poses with weight shifted to the left, right, and neutral. It’s a very very subtle thing, but it will allow people to field a large number of these without them feeling completely lifeless.

    • There are currently six leg variants for the heavies.

      One walking, one standing in a braced fire and one running, with a mirror of each leg so that we have left and right legs leading, for a total of six poses.

      I think that should be enough variation to keep them from looking like clones, especially when you can twist the torso, heads and weapons.

  • Sevej

    While I agree ‘top-heavy’ can be a problem, I think it has to do with the visual style that you wanted. I love Warmachine warjacks and Robocop 2. I like your kriegsmarine, the slender legs are very stylish in my view.

    Just don’t swing the axe too far.

    • I agree, I don’t want to take it too far.

    • These are a lot less top heavy though to me.. The other line DF put out had a different balance level.. I think it was smart though to establish the silhouette. These figures and the previous minis are recognizably associated with each other.

  • Ross, thank you sir for picking this up and for encouraging your readers to participate… Much appreciated 🙂

  • Gailbraithe

    I can’t stop giggling at wider stance. Someone at dream forge should really google wide stance so they can stop with the unintentional hilarity.

    • Admittedly I snickered when I googled this.. The thing is.. just about anything is slang for something to someone.. At any rate.. thanks for the chuckle.

  • KelRiever

    You know, it all looks cool and then we’ll see how the casting goes.

    I’ve seen some awesome 3D rendering in the past end up after an order as cast metal in my hands that is a lot less thrilling than the picture would lead you to believe

    • Head on over to my blog to see what the quality looks like for a final cast.


      • KelRiever

        Yes, I like those shots tons better. And don’t take it personally, it was some other company (and I won’t mention their name in interest that they are new…I sent them a message anyway). But I think that cast always is more convincing. I look at your 3d Rendering sort of as a concept art, though I realize you’ve done your share of work to get the model done.

        • No worries, end results vary company to company. It took me about two months to clean up my Leviathan models before I was satisfied with them to be used as masters for the resin casting. I don’t like to have any visible stepping if I can help it.

  • metalsifter

    Are you doing the 3D design yourself or are you having a freelancer sculpt them?

    They kinda look like the style of sculpting the guy who does the Spartan Games ships.

    • Thank you! I am a one man show when it comes to the CAD design. Yo can poke around my blog to see some of the contract work I did for other companies.

      • metalsifter

        You’re tag on Warseer wouldn’t happen to be “chaos and evil” would it?

      • metalsifter

        Sorry for the double post, but what kind of software do you use? Mostly I’m wondering what kind of software you are using for the vehicles.

        • I use Rhino 3d for hard surface models such as tanks and Zbrush for organic forms.

          • metalsifter

            Ahh, I’m trying to learn Rhino myself right now. It’s hard to switch over from traditional modelling to digital though!

            I haven’t tried Zbrush yet.