DreamForge-Games reaches funding goal on Kickstarter

DreamForge-Games has made it over their funding goal on Kickstarter. Stay tuned to see what they’ve got coming for the next 23 days.

From the announcement:

The Leviathan Crusader and Stormtroopers will be produced in plastic!

What’s next?

Well, I have lots of stretch rewards and some you have not yet seen….. I would like to thank all of you for helping a little indi company step into the big world of plastic miniatures!

  • Wow! thank you guys for picking this up!

  • surprize

    Funded at $30k and now they only need another $70k and they can pay for the tooling to cast the kit that is now already funded??!

    Looks like they are going to be fine with the amount of money coming in, but one of these days someone is really going to get their hands burnt trying to keep KS momentum by setting a funding goal way lower than they need to make the game so they can pump out the stretch goals early on. I’m guessing in reality 100-200k is needed to make this project viable.

  • I would never have listed a funding goal of 30k if I did not have access to the remaining funds needed…. Agreed, that setting a low fund and crossing your fingers would be a BIG no,no….

  • SandwichBot5000

    Ever since I saw these kits in resin I wanted one. I just couldn’t justify the expense. I’m supporting the kickstarter though and I hope other people join on board to reach those later stretch goals. Seeing the painted models on the KS page made me want one even more.

  • estrus

    Bad timing for me- throwing all my money at the Reaper kickstarter!

  • evernevermore (John)

    Estrus – you still have a couple weeks, roughly

  • lordofexcess

    I really think this kickstarter will break the 100K mark. I think what is happening right now is the reaper kickstarter has caused a feeding frenzy. 241 miniatures (and counting) for 100 bucks is hard for mini gaming fans to pass up. Fortunately the Dreamforge kick starter will still be going after everyone’s next paycheck. I am planning on going in at the lance level at least but for me I won’t be in for another two weeks or so. Still 22 days left though so lets hope this one breaks the 200K mark or more!! It is an awesome project!!