DreamForge-Games previews Valkir Heavy Troopers and a peek at the Eisenkern StuG

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 28th, 2014

DreamForge-Games gives us a look at the Valkir Heavy Troopers box as well as a preview of the Eisenkern StuG mini they’ve been working on.


From the post:

I chose to render the box art with the rear skirt only option ‘Hoth style’ as I felt it helped differentiate them from the Assault and Support Valkir in appearance. This image also débuts the Eisenkern StuG, this version is the grav assist but there is also a tracked version for you tread heads. (More on that in another update).

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  • Marauder

    This is all awesome sauce. I picked up some of his metal Kriegsmarine a while back. Awesome figs – but this newer stuff is even better. I hadn’t seen the flying Stug before – really cool to see a high tech version.

    I desperately need a good excuse to buy more of these. There are great games like Victory Decision Future Combat and Gruntz out there where you can use these figs, but hard to find local people interested in playing.


    • Well, they are working on their own game system as well, from what I’ve heard. I don’t know any more about it, really, than that. I just know that I hope to one day be able to use Friday and Monday (my Leviathans) in epic combat against one-another.