DreamForge-Games previews renders for Stuka Zu Fuss armored vehicle upgrade kit

DreamForge-Games is showing off some 3D renders of their Stuka Zu Fuss upgrade for their APC.


From the preview:

Q2 2014 anticipated release

Primarily an anti-infantry or anti structure weapon. It can fire six extremely large high explosive or incendiary charges. Spin stabilized, the rockets are not as accurate as conventional artillery and reloading is time consuming due to the rocket’s weight. Rockets are ripple-fired in large numbers where feasible to quickly saturate a target.

  • 4tonmantis

    Is it just me or do the doors seem tiny on this thing?

  • puster

    Its not the door that is tiny.

    Its the APC that is huge. Unlike other transports allegedly suitable for 10 powerarmed soldiers, this one is:


  • Haibane

    I think the bonnet and windscreen style design really takes away from the huge hulking APC aspect – just makes it look like it’s in the wrong scale compared to the infantry.

    • 4tonmantis

      Yeah, pretty much this.. The positioning of everything and the fact that the cab stretches the full length like a regular pickup truck gives the impression that this is what it is.
      @Puster I could see that in the scale picture (thanks for posting that) but on oversize vehicles like that, the cab tends to be more separated and this really feels like just a weird truck. The other thing is being able to see the ground. At that height with the driver so far back he would be hard pressed to see anything closer than 5′ from the front tires (maybe further). In my SUV, which is fairly average, I still have a hard time with small things like kids that are in front of me and larger military vehicles that I’ve been in are far worse.

      All of that said, I like the overall look of this thing, but it’s just a bit wonky. I’ve bought several things from Dreamforge and may end up with these but I am holding out to see what Antenociti is cooking up.

      • Comes down to the fluff.

        They are using this as a support vehicle for the walkers. It has a full size reactor, the same that is found in the Leviathans. No need to refuel or logistics trains following behind and it acts as a charging point for the light walkers and other equipment.

        There vehicles are used for troop transport, supply and logistics.

        • (sp) Their

          Damn you spell check and auto correct 😉

        • 4tonmantis

          That makes more sense.. You might consider doing a version with an up-armored turret (like one from the heavy weapon kit).. maybe as an alternate role for the chassis. Just an idea..

          I ordered some infantry from your store on the 6th.. they were back-order so there’s a wait but I’m pretty stoked to get them. They’re going to be part of a bigger project. I still need to figure out who sells 3 barrel miniguns in 28mm but once I get that all sorted I’ll post some stuff on your forums 🙂 Still have to build my Crusader too.

        • puster

          Well, at 70 tons these vehicles weight as much as a Königstiger – which was, of course, lacking the reactor core 🙂

          Looking forward to actual shots of the real stuff. Well, actually, even more to the real stuff on my table.

  • Haibane

    The design does make a little more sense once you consider the inspiration is presumably the German halftracks from WW2 (sd.kfz.251).

  • Moriarty

    Genuinely kicking myself for missing out on the Kickstarter project for these, they look fabulous!