DreamForge Games previews Heavy Trooper Minis

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 25th, 2012

DreamForge Games gives a look into the concept art for their upcoming Heavy Trooper minis.
Anyone else get a feeling of Final Fantasy XII from them? I do. These things look amazing.

What they’re saying about them:

Some of these you have seen, others are new. This is a preview of the complete line of Eisenkern heavy troopers, with some poorly written fluff 🙂

I would like to encourage you to leave comments about these miniatures; this may be the last chance for changes or revisions. Anything you love, hate, or feel you would like to see…. please speak up.

I will be starting another Kickstarter project to attempt to gain funding for these miniatures. I hope to see you there and will post here and on many of the gaming news sites when this becomes available.

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  • Thanks for picking this up!

    All the best,

  • Sikil

    I’ll be among the first in line to jump on that Kickstarter-bandwagon!

    HERE, my cash. TAKE IT! 😛

  • Those are some cool heavy troopers…they have a nice mix of fantasy/sci-fi styling. I like everything about them but I have a question. On the quad-gunner, where is the ammunition stored? May I suggest some drum magazines rather than a feed to the back-pack.

    The assault troops (with swords/rifles) have weapons with a hand grip on the front but don’t have a free hand to use it due to carrying the swords. Can I suggest that you make a bulkier pistol weapon instead of what is obviously a two-handed weapon (it isn’t the weight or anything…just the look).

    These are REALLY cool and I would rather have an army of these than the pseudo-Germans you have just released (even though they are some very nice miniatures)…so can I suggest a ‘basic trooper’ version of these heavier troops?

    Excellent stuff!

  • Thanks Sikil 🙂

    Inso: the quad gunner had drum mags, they are facing inward behind the arms and the back pack has a mechanical load tool to place four more drums in place. The pics are on the blog 🙂

  • inire

    25/28mm im assuming?

  • Space Ghost

    I got some of the Sturmtruppen participating in the Kickstarter. They are top-notch, the cleanest, crispest castings I’ve ever seen on 28mm sci-fi miniatures. Even my Infinity figs from Corvus Belli had more flash and casting trouble than these (granted, not by much, but the Dream Forge guys are still #1). Looking forward to when the Sturmtruppen, and these, are ready for general purchase!

    • Awww… thank you sir!

    • Hearing that the quality surpasses Infinity is intriguing.. Now to overcome the whole, being broke thing.

  • How does one go about ordering the infantry figures offered by Dreamforge? On the site I only saw the gigantic robots.

  • I have a delivery of arms in transit right now. So I will update the website the firs week of March to open them up for retail sales.