DreamForge-Games preview of Eisenkern Heavy Trooper

DreamForge-Games previews their Eisenkern Heavy Trooper:

From their post:

I am pleased to introduce the Eisenkern Heavy Trooper. Shown here are the three variants. On the left, an anti-personnel or AA mount, nothing says suppressive fire like a quad S.A.W. Center, is an assault specialist armed with a power sword and wearing the fluted commander’s helm and chest armor. To the right, a belt fed auto-cannon to deal with that armor problem.

  • Haibane

    Wow – very impressive. I’m liking the distinctive shapes used in the armour, reminiscent of medieval knights but still with its own look. Weapons systems also look very impressive!

  • Jeremy

    I do like the take on knight-like space armor, but I kind of wished the weapons had more of that look to them too. Right now it is somewhat incongruous. At least since it is just a render, there would be a chance to modify.

  • Thanks guys!

    Jeremy, Iron-Core is kind of a weird war II setting. Although not taking place in 1944 the styles armor and weapons draw from the faction’s lineage within the time frame of 15th to 20th centuries. I likely won’t be making changes to what you see, but I’m not averse to creating more weapons and other arms to fit with other games or looks if there is enough demand to justify the costs.

    All the best!

  • Jeremy

    Ah, I see. I admit I only looked at the picture and knew nothing of the background. In context it makes sense. I was just thinking something along the lines of some ornate shielding plate or decorations that could be added to the weapons or left off, to give them a little more of that knightly flair. Might be worth doing as a few optional bits, though I know there is much and more to consider when setting up a sprue.

    I think the middle one with the sword is fantastic. That’s the one that caught my eye immediately. Then looking at the others I just thought they would look nice with some decorations on their heavy weapons, or some ribbons or fabric draping. Aside from that, which I could add myself after the fact I guess, they really are a great design, and what I always wanted in a sci-fi knight. Keep it up! I look forward to seeing more.

  • I bought the Leviathan Crusader from DreamForge-Games a while back and am most pleased with it. So much so that I now have no desire to buy a Forgeworld Titan. If these Heavy Troopers turn out just as good as the Crusaders, I may soon feel the same way about GW Space Marines. Small companies with large talent like DreamForge are raising the bar in the miniature gaming world. I wonder if the big dogs like GW are going to be able to keep up.

  • Great Design! Very much like them, but I’ll wait until I see the sprues before I place an order.

  • Klingsor

    Remind me again, who won WW II?

  • Wow, Jumprun… thank you!

    I try my best to provide a quality product. My design style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I can tell you that with the process I am using what you see is what you get. If you like the renders, the figures won’t disappoint.

    Thanks again for the kind words.

  • Marauder

    Nosegoblin these are fantastic. I’ve been eyeing your Kriegsmarines and Sturmtruppen for additions to my Dust Axis models (for my own generic 28mm sci fi game). Wow, I like these so much more than the Dust Axis heavy infantry models… Anyway keep up the good work!

    BTW, any idea how the size compares to the Dust stuff?


    • Hi Marauder,

      I should have the casts for those in my hands on Thursday or Friday, I will try to get some pics up next to a GW and Dust fig as soon as I can. I have a LOT of orders to fill for the Kickstarter crew and some web page work to do. I’ll try to fit in some snap shots when time allows.

      As Jeremy stated, you can get a rough idea by hitting my blog 😉

  • Jeremy

    Following the link, there is a nice side-by-side with a familiar silhouette. That might help compare sizes. =)

  • I like the minis fairly well – and will get to see some of the figs once my friend gets ’em in, but have a question about the slug-shooter. Is it me, or should his ammo feed be coming from the backpack? Is there another piece for that?

    Certainly looks like it’s at least the size of an A-10’s rounds… if not bigger… Ouch!

  • The rounds do dispense from the drum on his back but are ten round strips he needs to load.

    I would love to have them twist up into the drum for a constant feed but there are collision issues with the legs as the rounds are too long, there are also casting considerations when an item twists on two planes. I spent about four hours fidgeting with it but was never able to get it to work 🙁

    If they were smaller rounds I could get it to feed but then we lose the look of an AT round and it becomes a large machine gun…

  • Elusive71

    Holy Moly Mark, these are really nice. So glad you’ve maintained the momentum. I’ve got my old school Gabriel Leviathan, am looking forward to receiving my Sturmtruppen, and will definitely be picking some of these up.

    OT, but I’ve been holding back on buying a Leviathan in hopes that I can purchase an updated Gabriel complete with Ripper and Vulkan Cannon. Do you have an ETA for those?

    One other question regarding Leviathans: Have you considered creating optional armor upgrades for the midsection?