DreamForge-Games posts Box art renders for the Eisenkern APC and the Thor

DreamForge-Games has new renders posted that they’re gonna use for the boxes for the vehicles.
I can’t wait for these things to come out.


From the website:

Just some eye candy for the upcoming releases.

The Eisenkern Keilerkopf (Boars head) APC.
The Eisenkern Thor (Stuka Zu Fuss)
We are still shooting for a November 2014 release for all stage 3 Kickstarter items, just keep an eye on the blog and I will post an exact date when it is available.

  • darkendlight

    Does anybody know if there is ever going to be a game for all these models?

    • 4tonmantis

      The better question; Will there ever be models for all of these renders?
      We have seen the APC and a few different units but we cannot throw money at them.. why? WHY!?!?!?!?

      • Well, to be fair, I have released 15 kits so far. The remaining 15… curse-o=dakickstarter. Everything goes out in waves, I now have one kit holding up 14 others.

        • 4tonmantis

          I would like to rationally be like “oh yeah man, I totally understand” but this is the internet so I am required to be rude and impatient.. sorry :/

          Want shiny plastic naow!!!!11!!!!

          I really do feel terrible about all of that but rules are rules..

    • Barret

      Ya I’ve been following the game developers blog and he just finished the first draft and passed it on, supposedly there will be a alpha or beta testing coming soon. But I don’t think it will happen till he gets the last kits from the kickstarter out. But there is def a game and its sounds interesting in a really good way.