DreamForge-Games makes world’s first 15mm injected plastic sci-fi model kit for tabletop gaming

DreamForge-Games has made the first ever injected plastic sci-fi model kit for tabletop gaming in 15mm scale.

From the announcement:

The world’s first 15mm – 1/100 scale, Injected plastic, science fiction model kit for tabletop gaming!
This kit has all the features and details of its big brother, fully poseable, featuring quick swap weapon arms for future releases.
This kit comes complete with advanced capacitor coolers and the Excalibur sword option!

  • JRacel

    I am thrilled to see this happen. I missed out when the 15mm version of this was offered for a very limited time in resin. It was more than twice the amount on the Kickstarter and sold out almost immediately. This is a great size for a hulking giant in 15mm or a bigger than a dread replacement for whatever the Grey Knight walker is called. I’m not a fan of the marine being exposed on the front of the walker and I think this would be a far better option for a Grey Knight force not being used in official games. I REALLY hope these get enough backing to earn some of the additional weapons being sold for the 28mm versions, so please back this great project! My 15mm hordes are looking forward to adding three of these to the arsenal in March 2013.

  • Thank Jeff!

    This is not the same 15mm scale kit we made in resin, the resin kits were 5.5” tall and fixed pose. These will be 4.5” tall (a true conversion to 15mm scale) and fully poseable just like their big brother. If there is enough interest (backers) I can release all the weapon options you see for the 28mm kits in this scale and in this Kickstarter project!

    Iron-Core (the game) is being fast tracked so you will have a game to use both the 15 and 28mm figures in. I would love to see the 15mm scale take off! Iron-Core is a vehicle centric game and 15mm is a better scale for that kind of game, as well as being kinder to the pocket book 😉

    If you would like to see all eight factions ranging from gothic to hard sci-fi aesthetics made in plastic model kits, then I ask you to show your support. The more backers we have for the 15mm scale kits, the easier it becomes to justify quickly expanding that range.

    Thank you for your help!
    Mark Mondragon

  • JRacel

    Thanks for the correction Mark. I read about the one inch difference somewhere and completely forgot about it. I don’t see where is really changes anything, my opinion is still that this is a great deal.

  • No worries Jeff, I was not trying to correct you, just give more information and clarify for those that are looking on my blog at the resin 15mm.

    With the 4.5″ height it fits better with the 15mm and the fact it is plastic and posable is a huge improvement over the resin kits.

  • I am so hoping for the success of DreamForge-Games. I have one of each of the resin Leviathon Crusader (28mm and 15mm). They were fun to assemble and look awesome! I have pledged enough on this kickstarter to get one of each of the plastics and all the weapon swaps for the 28mm. I wish Mark all the success in the world and I’m really looking forward to future releases, especially weapon swaps for the 15mm Leviathon Crusader and the 28mm heavy armored troopers. If those go up on this kickstarter, I’ll have to increase my pledge even more.

  • Thank you! The support truly is appreciated. The fact you have been a long time customer and your here with this project means allot to me personally.

    Thank you again.