DreamForge-Games Launches Strumtruppen and Kriegsmarine miniatures

Dreamforge Games is starting a kickstarter project their new product line.

From their announcement:

Well folks, I need your help. If you enjoy my models and would like to see this product line launch, please head on over to Kickstarter and add your support to the project.

If you’re not familiar with the Kickstarter model, the way it works is you receive a reward for an accompanying pledge in support of my project. The more you pledge the better the rewards and the greater contribution you will make to this and future projects. Your positive participation will help a small independent company to grow and thrive and you gain the satisfaction of knowing you made this happen.

  • swiftdraw

    Oh my! Potentially found my new stormtooper models for my IG regiment.

  • Ken

    I’ve had an eye on the art and development of these guys for a while now. These are looking quite the business.

  • Thanks guys! Just wanted to let everyone know that domestic shipping (with the US) for all rewards is now free.

    All the best!

  • Dewbakuk

    Very cool, looks like one or two more pledges will take you over the 3k mark. I’ll have a think and probably add mine later.

    Looking at the protoypes, the only thing I’d really suggest changing is the buttocks, particularly on the sturmtruppon as the armour is so far up the ‘crack’ that it’d be crippling.

  • GorilaMaguila

    Good luck with your new line of products.