DreamForge Games has new online store

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 12th, 2012

DreamForge Games has a new online shop and is celebrating with a sale.

From the announcement:

Starting March 12th the new store will open with a 10% discount and make available pre-orders for the Eisenkern Sturmtruppen and Kriegsmarine.

The sale and pre-orders will run through St. Patrick’s Day March 17

We have roughly 200 Sturmtruppen and 100 Kriegsmarine on hand. We will begin filling pre-orders on March 20th and depending on the volume some later orders may experience a week to two week wait before shipping as we receive deliveries from the caster.

Please drop by and enjoy our new store.

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  • The store is a step up from the old one, that’s for sure. It would be nice if there were something describing the miniatures. Maybe a nod to future rules or their intended use with other systems. Really just something to give people a feel for what the line you’re creating is all about.

    It might just be me, but establishing a sense of a world around the figures.. a tangible history, is what sets companies like GW and PP apart. Reaper, for example, has a ton of beautiful figures… but that’s all they ever are. Well, that’s enough soap box. Keep up the great work, I look forward to your future offerings.

    • Yep, I hear you…. There are some pages on the main site http://dreamforge-games.com/game.html for fluff but I need to better integrate the store front with the current main pages.

      It all comes down to time. (and XHTML skill) I have many irons in the fire so I need to pick and choose when to work on some of those aspects, such as the game system and improving the flow between the store front and the main site.

      Thank you for your input! It’s nice to have another set of eyes on these things.

  • Sikil

    Awesome! Will order som HQ and heavy weapon elements!