DreamForge-Games: First shots of Assembled Sturmtruppen Squads

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Feb 16th, 2012

DreamForge-Games previews the First shots of an assembled Squad, command squad and support:

From their post:

Keep in mind these are multi-part metal minis. There are five standing/running leg poses and to kneeling leg poses. A total of seven weapons choices and the ability to choose what weapons to assemble with any leg set as well as the ability to customize the pose by twisting the torso and heads.

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  • Wow! They’re skinnier than I think the industry is accustomed to but I like them. And those “smiles” on the helmets have a very “familiar” feel to them. I like!

  • Sevej

    Nice details… but wondering if they’re going to be ‘pinning hell’.

  • Thank you!

    You can find some scale comparisons in a earlier post on my blog.

    As far as pinning I did not need to and have dropped them a few times without incident. I am using Gorilla super glue because it has a rubber additive in the glue that keeps it from being as brittle as most superglues, this improves the sheer strength.

    • Sevej

      Any chance for 15mm versions?

  • Yep 🙂 100% I will be making everything, vehicles and troops in both scales.

    • I love that you actually read and respond to comments here.

      These look really good, though the general “feel” of them from a distance is that they’re top heavy. The bulky upper body and moderately slim legs is a tad awkward. I also find it strange that you’ve not had any problems with multipart metal minis as far as pinning. Historically these are a nightmare..

      I like the more dynamic ones.. there is an extremely sharp contrast between those and the poses of the guys that are just kind of “here I am.. being a model” …the difference between the dynamic and static models is fairly jarring.

      All of that being said.. I like that these are more “realistic” as far as the way they’re equipped and the overall scale and armaments.

      • Yep they are a bit top heavy; it’s a combination of two factors
        1) Making them poseable means the shoulders and arms need to be wide enough to clear the chest sections so you can raise or lower the arms. If these were fixed pose I could blend the arms to the torso better.
        2) The shoulder pads add a lot of bulk, you don’t need to put these on, they are extra pieces and that takes the shoulder width down substantially. The top of the arms have a rounded armor protector so it won’t look out of place if you choose to go that route.

        I’m with you on the dramatic leg sets. I did not think I would like them as much as the stand and fire guys but I think they add a nice active feel. I think with a little though you could pose the torso and head a little more dramatically with the more static leg sets.

        As far as difficulty with multi part minis, I think what is aiding these is that they are connecting to nice flat vertical surfaces. Rather than the modeler needing to cut an arm off, these were generated in engineering software so you have very flat surfaces to aid positioning. I dropped them about four times and everything stayed put, so I’m happy. The shoulders act as a nice bridge or joining piece to help secure the arms. But for all I know it’s the kind of glue I use?

        I tried to keep the scale and weapon size as close to real world as possible. They are about 6.7 heads tall and will look thin compared to what you’re used to seeing but I built them over a 32mm dolly to try and keep them as close as I could to true scale. You can see on my blog they match up nicely with DUST figs, these seem to be 32mm with proper proportions.

  • Marauder


    When will we be able to order these?


    • Hi Tim,

      I hope to have them available in a week or two?

      I’ll post an update on my blog and here when everything is ready to go. Pricing should be fair and comparable to many metal minis. I need to double check my figures but I think we’re looking at about $5.40 for a single, $5.00 each for a squad and down to about $3.00 each for a platoon? Don’t hold me to that… it may go up or down slightly… I need to determine packaging costs, etc. so that’s a bit of a guestimate.

  • jackgaudette

    I really like these guys especially the weapons. They all are updated and streamlined.