DreamForge Eisenkern Valkir Preview

By Polar_Bear
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Jan 29th, 2014

DreamForge-Games has a bunch of 3D render previews up for their upcoming Valkir units as well as various weapon options.


From the preview:

Estimated retail release Q2 2014

When we last saw the Valkir, they were nothing more than a base concept. I knew I wanted power armor troops for the Eisenkern faction that represented the mid-point of advancement through the Eisenkern Ranks. A soldier that was superior but still very much a part of the core army, unlike the Knightly households ‘Ritterorden’ which operate with much more autonomy, where you find the Assault Troopers and Support Troopers.

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  • darkendlight

    Really like the look of these guys. Just don’t have a game to use them with.

    • puster

      I will certainly give Iron Core its chance, but for now I use Tomorrows War for these.

      I just built a set of support weapons and have another squad of normal Stormtroopers on the table right now. I still hope that empty helmets with attached masks will make it into the command set for these folks without helmet – currently its nasty knifework.

      I will get one of the Valkir squads when they hit the shelfs in the old land. Kudos to Mark for the best spruework on the market.

      • I had one backer suggest that I combine the command squad with an accessory set. I think that is a rather keen idea. If I can swing it, it looks like a good addition when the opfor and game are released.

  • We are working hard to resolve that problem 😉 Iron Core the game will likely be going Alpha in April.

    My goal is to offer an opfor and game ASAP.

    • Official rules for Friday to battle with Monday, please! 😀

  • If you are interested in tracking the game development, I would encourage you to visit http://precinctomega.co.uk/wp/

    Last month I asked Robey Jenkins of Precinct Omega to Partner with me for the rules development of Iron Core.


  • 4tonmantis

    Looking forward to this and pretty much everything Dreamforge.
    I just noticed that this will be a 20 man boxed set.. for real? Man, I hope you guys are able to maintain that as a standard..

  • I really love the designs! One question though: What is the lace-up jacketing around the heavy rifles for? The design choice seems strange, but if I knew that it served a purpose, then it wouldn’t bother me.

    • 4tonmantis

      If they are fighting in a cold environment it would prevent the barrel from being destroyed. The bore of that cannon requires a large powder charge but the thickness of the metal in proportion makes it brittle so in cold temperatures it could rupture.

      At least that is my assumption.

      • 4tonmantis

        …ugh.. edit button where art thou..

    • According to the fluff:

      That is a Heat/EMF shield. The Rifle is a Coilgun. the electro magnetic field generated by the rifle firing plays hell with the Power Armor and the heat generated degrades the shielding, so they made a field swappable cover.