Dream Pod 9 shows off March releases

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 13th, 2012

Dream Pod 9 gives us a look at some slick new models they’re releasing in March. They’re really cool, so check ’em out!

From the update:

We have two new release for March, both reinforcements for your NuCoal armies. Chasseur Paratrooper Two Pack (DP9-9261, $20.75) and Jerboa Paratrooper Two Pack (DP9-9262, $20.75) miniature kits are now available to allow you to add Airborne Squads to your NuCoal army. Airborne squads can also include the Cuirassier released previously.

These designs augment the standard jump jet equipped Chasseur and Jerboa with air brakes, chassis reinforcements, and parachute attachment points to make the designs airdroppable.

Both are available now from the Dream Pod 9 online store.

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  • BaronVonJ

    WOW! $20 for two figs. Sorry, no sale here.

    • cama

      No, you’re right. You should go spend $20 or more on a single GW figure made out of Crapfailcast. Sounds like a plan Baronman!

    • Were you a big fan of Heavy Gear before they released these miniatures? Was this pricing what put you over the edge to say “no more”?

    • Rich_B

      Go on their store and look at the component shots for the blisters. For highly multipart metal minis with a bunch of weapon options they’re not badly priced. I’ve just started picking a few bits and pieces up for Heavy Gear and I’m more than happy with what you get in the packs for the money. In comparison with the rest of the market they’re competitive, the headline price does make you wince a bit at first glance though.

    • wildger

      Each pack has many bits and pieces for you to choose. Putting up a figure is like resembling a lego toy. The price is not a steal but not expensive. It is definitely better than those “shits” you get from Games-Workshop.

  • Guys, your photos are popping up under the ads. You need to make sure that the layer for the photos is higher than the layer for the ads in your CSS.

  • cama

    Love DP9! Great value, fantastic sculpts, and a thoroughly fun game.

    These are on my to-get list!

  • ThunderOnTheTundra

    I think while their prices never make the models feel like they’re a steal of a deal…when you look at what you get (lots of them–if not all–come with ALL the spare parts to make the upgraded / alternate weaponry versions of the basic model); I think you’ll find Heavy Gear to be VERY competitive.

    They may be a little like LEGO in that you might wince when you’re first laying down the dollars; but, also like Lego, once you’ve opened the boxes up, the sting of paying for them is quickly forgotten.

    And the game is SUPER cool too!

  • Bebop

    The warstore sells their stuff at a good price and the squad box sets are a good buy. Plus you get a lot more bits! I use them for 15mm sci fi. Really nice models!

  • shiny

    the quality and accessories of the packs make it work for me.

  • Nosaj Verush

    When you start playing Heavy Gear, it like graduating from beer to wine. Some folks just are never able to do that. That’s ok with me though, it keeps the player group . . . well, more sophisticated.

    • cama

      Spot on! It’s also nice to know that apparently the rabble cannot afford the game.

  • as79

    I’ll chime in and say I love Heavy Gear too! The fluff, the game, and the models are all top quality and the guys over at DP9 are very engaged with their customer base. As far as pricing is concerned, Heavy Gear is nowhere near too expensive, especially in this age of super limited edition, super-detailed resin minis.