Dream Pod 9 retiring the Jovian Chronicles minis

Dream Pod 9 will be retiring the Jovian Chronicles miniatures line. If you want them, better get them now.

The long running range of sci-fi miniatures for Jovian Chronicles which includes spaceships and exo armors (giant space capable mechs) is being retired as of February 8th 2013. Now is the chance for fans to pick them up before they are gone forever!

  • PanzerKraken

    It’s too bad their plans for a new Jovian Chronicles mini game based on the blitz system never came to be.

  • kalamadea

    Dear DP9, #%&* you. That will be all.

    Seriously, maybe if they had put a tenth of the effort into JC that they have given to Heavy Gear they’d have a decent game for stores to carry and people to play. Or if they had killed off the game years ago instead of letting it sit in limbo, stringing along the fans with promises of getting around to it when they had decided “the right direction to take the game” while doing nothing but HG release after release. There’s been at least 3 versions of HG since they last released anything for JC. I guess i should thank them, their crappy treatment of JC and Gear Krieg lines kept me from purchasing any HG miniatures, despite the game becoming decently popular. Saved me (another) few hundred bucks I suppose.

    • Marauder


      Well might I suggest you repurpose those minis? I suggest this for your Gear Krieg:


      And well there are a number of possibilities for your JC. Starmada, Full Thrust, Colonial Battlefleet, Squadron Strike, Voidstriker and Pax Stellarum just to name a few of my favourite. All of these systems will let you stat out any spaceship to use with their rules. For way more info than you probably want check out this site:


      I’ve had more than one game go belly up on me – but often I find a BETTER set of rules to use them with.


  • jormunrekk

    Unfortunately, the minis were splendid and the rule system elegant, simple and marvelously adapted to its topic; is there really another space game in which you can combine ships, flying mechas and fighters without anyone stealing the show from the others?
    Too bad to see Lightning Strike go down, all the more because DP9 won’t even have a sale – and since you can only buy LS directly from them, apparently, complete with insane international shipping costs… Well, what a waste.

  • Marauder


    I know both Squadron Strike and Voidstriker both have rules for fighters as “mecha”. All of ones I listed above handle both fighters and ships.

    I can’t comment on JC or Lighting Strike. Never played them or saw the rules. Can’t say if it is better or worse than the others. But there are some very good space games out there that let you design your own stuff. I’m just offering it up as an alternative than letting those fantastic minis collect dust.


  • KelRiever

    What can be said? I was always intrigued by the figures and yet never moved to purchase. I mean, in a world of unlimited time and money, they’d be in my hands.

    I’ve never heard of anyone I know personally or any local gamers, buying them either. There’s a scad of competition for miniature games in general, let alone other interests in life. I suspected a group of hardcore gamers kept it going, or that there was simply no reason to get them off a list if the inventory was there (never bothered to notice they didn’t have their own store). It was a welcomed look, different from your average space opera game, obviously manga inspired.

    The minis didn’t look cheap enough, there were always other miniature games knocking at my door, and nobody locally STILL plays ANY mecha game in miniature form so Heavy Gear never made it into the purchase run either. (yeah, I am sitting on 5 Battletech miniatures from Iron Wind metals that our group is supposed to get to someday….). Full Thrust is the only space combat game being played around here, and while I would prefer to do others, there’s just not enough time to even expand space games out of that (and the first move would have been to Star Fleet Battles minis, anyway, not to Jovian).

    Good luck to those of you who have it and like it. Scoop up all the figures and play with your friends forever. You don’t need a game company to do that. It is just a shame that nothing new will come from it from the company anymore. Like any dead game, new inventions can only come from the players themselves.