Dream Pod 9 release Sandriders

Dream Pod 9 have released Sandrider Infantry for their Heavy Gear system.

Sandrider Infantry

From their website:

This month we have a little love for Heavy Gear Blitz’s Leagueless Faction with two new releases for them. The Sandrider Infantry Platoon (DP9-9206, 40 Sandrider Infantry, 12 hex bases and platoon datacard, $24.95) and the Barnaby and Sandrider Squad Pack (DP9-9207, 3 Barnaby riding beasts & 3 mounted Sandrider Infantry in Resin, 3 hex bases, $24.95), here a few pictures of the Painted Up Sandriders and Painted Up Barnaby with mounted Sandrider in the Badlands under the blazing sun.  They are available to order now on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store or via your Local Game Store, and will start shipping next week.