Dream Pod 9 previews Sampson Hover APC

By TGN Ross
In News
Jan 13th, 2012

Dream Pod 9 posts a preview of the Sampson Hover APC.

From their preview:

Sampson Hover APC Sneak Peek!

  • shiny

    Nicely painted, but kinda unimaginative.

    And I say that as a serious DP9 fan. Maybe I need to get into the rest of that faction to get it.

  • Monkey

    I actually like it, think its probably their best transport sculpt yet.

    But to each their own too, I like blocky vehicles anyway

  • I like the general shape…the front could be better though..

  • i think it was based off the Gundam type 74 hover truck form mobile suit gundam:the 8th MS team , which was a great show.
    its like a squished down version. I like it , i think it could use a few extras , but you can add a some detail parts and make it look a little more hard core .