Dream Pod 9 Open Call for Playtesting

By TGN Ross
In News
Feb 23rd, 2012

Dream Pod 9 is doing a call out for play testers.

From their announcement:

Ever wanted to give your input on a game? Do you want to help chart the course for upcoming releases? This is your chance to participate. Become a playtester today!

To join, fill out the playtesting application below. The playtesting application will be open till March 1st. Applicants will be contacted by the Playtesting Team Leaders with further information on the process.

Play Tester Application

  • cama

    Yeehaw! This game is so much fun. Application sent!

  • Hopefully for Jovian chronicles

  • zeno

    Hopefully its for a new edition and total overhaul of the current system.
    I really wanted to like this game. I loved the minis and the fluff.
    But the rule system was way too cluttered. Too complex in some areas and too simple in others.

  • cama

    That’s my thought exactly – trying to break into this game is awkward. But once you’re in, it is a blast!

  • shiny

    A reboot of this system from the basic Silhouette assumptions would be welcome, though Blitz has done some good things regarding consolidation of some of the wonkier bits.

    Now to find players in SE Arizona!

  • Robert

    I cannot fathom it’d be a TOTAL reboot. Even Blitz isn’t THAT far removed from it’s 1st edition roots. (Just better, in so many ways)

  • Something tells me it’s not going to be for a total reboot and rules overhaul.


    Simple; they just released Perfect Storm and that’s set to work with the Blitz rules. To release an all new rule set so shortly after that book would be, to put it politely, a dick move.

  • cannondaddy

    I think the playtesting is for the new TV (threat value, i.e. points cost) that came out in Gear Up 5. I think the Field Manual has gotten the core rules really tight. TV adjustments and a morale overhaul are the only improvements the game needs.