Dream Pod 9, Inc. 3D transformation of NuCoal’s Tank-Strider

By tgn_news_poster
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Oct 3rd, 2011

  • Macrocosmic Engineer

    Wow! It’s the RX-44 Guntank, from the Gundam Formula 91 movie!

    No, this isn’t a slam, really. There are, after all, only so many ways to work that transformation. And I did like the RX-44. One question, tho; what supports the body of the machine when it stands up/lies down?

  • |@Macrodosmic- Looks like the treads from the calf hold the model up. They must be |extremely strong.

    I love how, even though this is a sci-fi model and we have to disbelieve for a bit, it actually looks like the model can really transform into it’s different forms.

    Unlike the CGI Transformers, this looks believable in it’s design.

    Great work DP9 and 3d Transformation!

    • cannondaddy

      I agree. I don’t think anyone would ever actually create a military vehicle that transforms into a humanoid mode, but if they did, they’d probably do something like this.

  • Beermonkey

    Big fan of Heavy Gear. Great game. Cool models. I love the scale. Also a really good bunch of guys behind the game that listen to what the players want. If you get a chance I do recomend it.

  • Wickedstormy

    This model, and the entire NuCoal miniature line, are why I am getting into Heavy Gear Blitz. Looking forward to the release!

  • Macrocosmic Engineer

    Hello Varagon!

    Sorry, I see that I wasn’t clear. When the Hussar changes, the head and torso must lie back, seemingly unsupported. what’s keeping it upright? Are there, like, spades, that extend down to the ground at an angle, to prop up the top section?

    The chassis’ framework and joints must be pretty strong to support it; like tensing your abs to hold your torso at an angle.

    I have a nasty nit-picky mind. And I -hate- the movie Transformers! So much unnecessary greeblies.

  • I’m thinking it uses the middle row of tracks as a control for the change. It’s a huge tank strider. Not as big as the Red Bull MK2 but pretty large. The game is a 15mm scale so a regular sized human is about as tall as the top of the ankle guard.

    • cannondaddy

      Technically the scale is 1/144th, so it’s between 10mm and 15mm.