Dream Pod 9 December releases available now

Dream Pod 9 have added their December releases to their online store.

From their website:

The Dream Pod 9 December Releases are now available to order on the DP9 Online Store. During the holidays we will be moving our weekly shipping to Wednesdays starting this week on December 16th, the new December Releases will start shipping on the 23rd and our last shipping of the year will be on the 30th. We’ll then return to our regular Friday shipping on January 8th.

New Heavy Gear Blitz products for December include the South Hetairoi Hovertank (DP9-9163, 1 resin mini with extra weapon and extra parts and datacard, $34.95) shown here with the HPLC option weapon, Dragon Strider and Python Gear. The South Naga Strider Custom Pack, which was first announce as the Black Talon Dark Naga Pack (DP9-9140, 1 pewter mini with extra customization parts to make either the Naga, Long Fang Naga, Command Naga or Dark Naga, extra weapons and datacard, $34.95). New boxsets for the Black Talon Primary Insertion Team (DP9-9169, boxset of 4 minis, $46.95) and the CEF Interdiction Frame Squad (DP9-9168, boxset of 4 minis, $55.95), click to see the DP9-9169 boxback or DP9-9168 boxback to checkout their contents.

The release of the Shiki 38 (DP9-651, $TBA) and Shiki 41 (DP9-652, $TBA) miniatures for Gear Krieg has been pushed back to January. All the parts are sculpted and will be sentoff to casting shortly, Agis is busy painting up the miniatures and getting pictures done for the blister packaging. We should have them ready to order at the start of January and they should start shipping around January 15th. We’ll also have 2 more New Boxsets ready at the same time the Black Talon Operational Assistance Team (DP9-9171, boxset of 4 minis, $TBA) and the CEF Heavy Frame Squad (DP9-9170, boxset of 4 minis, $TBA).