Drakerys’ Dwarves are well-armored

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
May 1st, 2014

Don’t Panic Games shows off a new preview art piece for Drakerys with a look at an armored dwarf.



From the preview:

Of the three main people of Drakerys, Dwarves was the only one to keep some kind of unity. While having different cultures, they recognize their common ancestry and keep some respect to each other. This little dreadnought of a dwarf may make his way to the Valgar Islands soon, and to Drakerys’ Kickstarter!

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  • oh look its the same dwarves as all the other dwarves ever… yay.

    • Due to the comment policies, I should edit that away, since it’s not very constructive.
      But instead, I’ll try and forward the conversation.

      To Jaque or anyone else that agrees with him:

      Why are you underwhelmed by the artwork? What would you have done different? What would you like to see instead of what is presented?

  • Tre Manor

    well…..for what it is the design si great. The point Jacque is makign though si that it is just more of the same old same. It is a heavily armoured dwarf. A subject which has been done and redone so many times that there is no originality left in the design. It is a great deign none the less.

    • I can understand that, sure. A heavy-armored dwarf has been done before. But in the context of a new line of miniatures for a new game coming out, does that mean that they shouldn’t be able to have their own take on an armored dwarf since, as we agree, “it’s been done before”? Does every new fantasy-themed game from here on out have to never use the same thematic things as have been done before, and therefore everything must be 100% new? Even the unarmored dwarf has been done (WHFB Slayers, for example). Have dwarves, elves, orcs, goblins and such all now become off-limits?

      I’m asking because it’s one thing to be not happy with the design. I can totally understand that. But it seems a tad unrealistic to think that every new game that comes out cannot share any thematic similarities with anything done before.

      Again, just trying to forward the conversation by providing a counter-point.

  • elril

    and if the dwarves lived in the trees and acted/appeared delicate and the elves mined the moutains and were tough the names would have to be changed. Because that is what Dwarves are in the meme.

  • Nicolay

    Pretty sure that Dwarf comes with the obligatory Scottish accent.

    You must understand the (mild) frustration that comes with yet another run-of-the-mill dwarf, PB. We could brainstorm endlessly about a new variant … why don’t these maybe come from “Venice”? Enjoy fine wine over beer, colourful silk over tartan, are gardeners instead of miners and are borne to battle on self-aware plants (which also makes them look taller).

    But the creators of Drakerys are not asking, they are just showing so it would be pointless to have such debates. There have been well-received articles about originality lately, as well as a few Kickstarters that break free from the mold … and they did well.

    The artwork above is obviously very nicely done, but it does come with a stale taste.

    • I see where you’re coming from, Nicolay. And I do understand some of the frustration, sure. I feel some of it as well.

      Everyone wants some sort of novelty in some form or another. But all we have to go on so for with this dwarf is that he’s in armor. He may, in fact, be a gardener. The preview does talk about how there are many different dwarf cultures in their world and possibly not just the “ore-mining, beer-chugging, beard-venerating, scottish-accent-having” type we’ve seen a million times.

      As a side note: I am happy with how the conversation here has gone. You can see how much more of a dialogue is created when we get just beyond, “I don’t like that.” and delve into “why don’t you like that?” and “what would you have done different?” Even posts of “I like that.” can certainly be enhanced with “and here’s why I like it” and we can discuss that.

      • grimbergen

        Ok, to be specific, some design elements on this guy seem very reminiscent of GW’s latest designs – especially the helmet with the beardlike faceplate and crown, maybe that’ s from their LOTR minis I can’t remember. The back/neck protector is kinda of spacemarinish.

        The somewhat runic armor filigree, etc, all stuff that seemed to have been popularized with GW designs from the past 5-10 years (albeit that’s probably lifted from Rackham inspirations) that everyone else who’s making armored dwarves is copying. This guy does have somewhat of a steampunk look.

        The thing with originality is, maybe this sells better since GW popularized it. But why should we be satisfied with that? There are still many many themes out there unexplored, especially with most gamers’ limited time and budget for new stuff.

        The gladiator dwarves kickstarter was refreshing (though I’m still waiting on delivery of that after what 2 years???), but the best stuff I’ve seen are the musketeer dwarves and the cardinal(!) kickstarter that I did receive already and are awesome.

        Other ideas – I’ve never seen dwarves in maximillian Germanic armor. Renaissance dwarves – don’t recall those these since the 90s from GW? Samurai dwarves to go with the Nippon halflings that’s been floating around?

        Maybe they don’t need to go that extreme but to me the point is that these designs seem very GW dwarfs inspired.

      • mathieu

        Everyone wants some sort of novelty in some form or another. But all we have to go on so for with this dwarf is that he’s in armor. He may, in fact, be a gardener. The preview does talk about how there are many different dwarf cultures in their world and possibly not just the “ore-mining, beer-chugging, beard-venerating, scottish-accent-having” type we’ve seen a million times.

        This is fair, but at the same time everything Don’t Panic Games has shown us thus far is either straight copied from another setting with no creative addition whatsoever (this Dwarf from GW/Mantic/…, the humans and orcs from Rackham) or, in the case of the elementals, simplistic takes on things that many others have been incredibly creative with over the decades (e.g. Ral Partha, Rackham, Illyad, Reaper,…). The only exception is the Elf they’ve shown, which I think is an interesting concept that hasn’t been done dozens of times before.

        I understand the need to show us familiar stuff. I don’t agree with the idea, but I understand it. However I feel that if they do have creative ideas on how to make the universe and the races of Drakery unique, they have to start showing them sooner rather than later. Some of the game concepts are interesting, but I’m already bored by the art they’ve shown us.

      • Nicolay


      • I am quite enjoying this thread. I wasn’t going to add anything, but then I figured why not.

        The thing is the first time I saw this I just scrolled past it, because of all the reasons mentioned – mainly “oh it’s another dwarf”…

        Frankly what I find is I feel almost overwhelmed with what’s happened with the miniature hobby in general. It should be a good thing, but instead I’ve largely lost interest.

        My personal take is that given the new tools at hand to realise dreams and fund projects – it’s literally exploding onto the scene right now. Everybody that had a dream and a vision and now has the guts is doing something. It’s just that most of the ideas seem to have been conceived 20 odd years ago. In my heart of hearts I wish for everyone to get to do their thing and be successful, but the end result is – There is tons of very similarly themed stuff and I just feel tired of reading news and getting that deja vu feel 9 times out of 10.

        Some things will always find a market regardless. I just think at some point part of the demographic becomes saturated and yearns for something fresh entirely.

        • That’s why I’ve really gotten on my horse lately about getting my game worked on by some extra people to finalize a set of rules. I’m not going to say it’s 100% “never been done before,” but it’s not a genre you see very often.

          • grimbergen

            Will you be kickstartin?

          • Not anytime soon.

          • Soulfinger

            Uhhh, I’ll show you mine if . . .

          • I’m afraid if I showed you the rules for my game you’d just run off and get it made while I’m still in final development, Soul-y. :p

          • Soulfinger

            That’s what non-disclosure agreements are for, but then again, there’s always that possibility of “You’re also doing a unique game world with innovative mechanics? Wild!” It would take me twenty years just to finish my backlog of starter ideas though (if only I could run off and get them made), so I’m in no rush to rip anyone off. I’ll be looking forward to seeing yours in print.

  • thetang22

    As a whole, I think Drakerys has a pretty nice presentation value. However, I have to agree that a heavily armored dwarf is still a stale idea in a market flooded with fantasy gaming cliches.

  • Justacomment

    I think it looks cool and am hoping the game and not the originality of the models make this work. I do not need ninja cyber dwarves. The old ones work great, what I do want is a well balanced and positive game play experience. Half the companies listed in this thread for being original had a game that was poor and closed up shop. I am less worried about how original my stuff looks and more that I will be able to use it still in a few years.