Drakerys : A new fantasy miniature game by Don’t Panic Games

Don’t Panic Games is happy to introduce Drakerys, their new 32mm Fantasy Miniature Game.


From the announcement:

The game is set in a medieval fantasy world where elemental creatures have been awakened and the people of the world will learn to harness their magic to prevail.

The game uses d10s and an “Action Wheel” to solve all actions.
The miniatures are in plastic and resin and will be modular.

Created by veterans of the entertainment and miniature gaming industry, Drakerys will look for funding through an upcoming Kickstarter Campaign.

  • Looks interesting. The site is awesome but the orange coloured text in the blurbs is unreadable against the background. I had to highlight it so I could read it.

    Also what kind of “plastic” is it. It’s not enough to say plastic anymore.

  • grimbergen

    A bit disappointed … expected some more exciting stuff coming from the ex-R folks. This looks like the very generic stuff we’ve already seen with ex-illis, etc. Nothing super unique, dynamic or full of character like the old confrontation. I should say, the confrontation metals.. cuz these could certainly pass as the C4 PPP descendants.