Drake unlocks another stretch goal, posts up next

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Mar 13th, 2013

Drake: The Dragon Wargame has a new dragon unlocked in their Kickstarter campaign. Next up is heavy infantry.

From the update:

Massive beasts, unstoppable Dragons, deadly summoned creatures, Dara is a land of peril. Wise generals will field Heavy Infantry along their ordinary rank and file to punch through tough enemies.

One unit of 3 models added FREE to all Army Box’s and higher pledges when we hit this stretch goal.

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  • Orca

    no more renders please…

    • Gallahad

      In some ways, it is a catch 22 for small companies. People don’t want renders, but the whole point of the kickstarter is so that you can afford to go from renders to plastic/resin, etc. Just going from a render to a 3d print for a single human size infantry can cost $250-$300 dollars and the price goes up substantially for the larger creatures. I bet the big dragon cost $800-$1000 just to print.

  • Models coming!!

    We are over a week ahed of where we planned and have fast tracked our new castings!