Dragon Head Coin Series Coin #3 The Phoenix

Dragon Head Coin launched their 3rd in a series of Kickstarters in order to fund a new set of fantasy coins. This one’s the Phoenix.

Phoenix Coin


From the campaign:

Coin #3 In the Series:The Phoenix. The Dragon Head Series is a collection of five bad to the bone coins. Five coins to rule them all…

Why flip a dull quarter when you can flip a Phoenix rising from ashes or a fire breathing Dragon? Are you bored of regular old coins with no personality? Dead presidents don’t do it for you? The Dragon’s Head series makes a great decorative piece for your desk, is a great conversation starter, and is a great tool for gamers. Regardless of how you display or use it, it is a bad to the bone piece of art.

Coin #3: The Phoenix

Welcome to the third coin in the series. The Phoenix. The theme for this coin was decided by backers of coin #1 and #2 in the series. You as a backer will have a vote on what the 5th coin in the series will be.