Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell Now Available

Cell is supposedly the perfect fighting machine. The Dragon Ball crew, on the other hand, disagree, and they’ve come to the Cell Games to prove it (and to keep Cell from blowing up the Earth, too. There is that part to consider). In Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell, players will take on the role of character such as Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, and others from the DBZ universe, and must do their best to make sure Cell’s plans don’t come to fruition.

From the announcement:

In Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell, 2 to 4 players will each take control of an iconic Dragon Ball Z fighter and roll their dice to generate energy. Using custom icons, players allocate their dice into performing attacks, helping other players, or buying upgrades. Players need to work together though, as Cell will continue to generate new threats that can heal him, damage all players, or lock players out of potentially game-changing upgrades.